Friday, February 21, 2020

Buzz saws and cleavers

"What’s Really Behind Rohrbacher’s ‘Assange Pardon’ Story?" (Henningsen),  Solid summary.  The outrageous spin of the (((media))) is one of those things that is both amazing - where do they find the chutzpah to lie so much? - and completely expected.

"Defense lawyers say they will seek French asylum for Assange" (Cetinic). How do they plan to spring him from the clutches of the crooked British 'justice' system?  It would be interesting to see if Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o would actually take him in.

"Why Is Maduro Still Pushing The Petro?" (Luther) (read the whole thing):
"International transactions executed in U.S. dollars are typically cleared in a New York bank. Those banks know their customers and are obliged to hand over transactions data to the U.S. government when subpoenaed or if they suspect a crime is being committed.

If the international transaction is executed in some other currency, like euros, the information is a little more difficult for the U.S. government to access. Of course, most European banks will refuse to clear the transaction as well since the U.S. government can require they hand over the relevant transactions data, in which case they would be found to have violated sanctions by processing the transaction, or they would lose access to U.S. markets on grounds of non-compliance; and, since most international transactions are executed in U.S. dollars, a European bank that cannot transfer money to and from U.S. banks will struggle to serve its international transactions-making customers.

Nonetheless, the risk of detection is probably a little lower than it would be if the transaction were made in U.S. dollars. And, as a result, the transaction is more likely to be executed.

The international financial plumbing has a lot of pipes running to and from the U.S. And that gives the U.S. a lot of power to levy sanctions, not just on its own citizens, but also on citizens and companies of other countries interested in international trade.

You can probably see where this is going. If Venezuela were able to create a parallel financial system, one with no pipes going to and from the U.S., it could make and receive international transactions with even less risk of detection than is afforded by other national currencies, like the euro, ruble, or renminbi.

That’s where the petro comes in. As a digital currency, it enables one to send or receive funds virtually anywhere around the world. And, to the extent that those transactions are disconnected from the U.S. financial system, they are much less likely to be detected by the U.S. government.

Again: the sanctions still apply. But, by conducting transactions in petros, they are easier to get around.

Why, then, does Venezuela push the petro at home? Why not just require it for international transactions? For one, few will be willing to accept the petro if there isn’t a very big market for petros. Hence, by increasing the demand for petros at home, Venezuela makes it less risky for foreigners to accept them — if only for a short period of time."
"Christopher Caldwell: the Weirdly Parallel Childhoods of Houellebecq and Obama"(Sailer).  Both abandoned by mothers who preferred 'progressive' causes over them.

"Bloomberg surrogate was PR guru for Brazil’s extreme-right leader Bolsonaro" (Norton).

He's bought - literally bought! - the whole Democrat party:  "Bloomberg Wants to Swallow the Democrats and Spit Out the Sandernistas" (Ford):
"In addition to the nearly million dollar down payment to the party in November that sealed the deal for the debate rules change, Bloomberg has already pledged to pay the full salaries of 500 political staffers for the Democratic National Committee all the way through the November election, no matter who wins the nomination. Essentially, Bloomberg will be running the election for the corporate wing of the party, even if Sanders is the nominee.

In an interview with PBS’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday night, senior Bloomberg advisor Timothy O’Brien made it clear that the DNC is in no condition to refuse being devoured by Bloomberg, even if they wanted to. O’brien predicted the Republicans will spend at least $900 million on the election, while the DNC has only about $8 million on hand. Even the oligarch’s underlings are telegraphing the takeover game plan.

Bloomberg is not so much running for president as making sure that the Democrats don’t go “rogue” anti-corporate to accommodate the Sandernistas. He is ensuring that the Democratic Party will be an even more hostile environment for anti-austerity politics than in the past – not in spite of the phenomenal success of the Sanders project, but because of it.

Such a party cannot possibly accommodate both sides, and is ultimately destined to split."
"When Bloomberg News’s Reporting on China Was Challenged, Bloomberg Tried to Ruin Me for Speaking Out" (Fincher).  Though the underlying story sounds like the usual anti-China crap PR.

The NSA in Britain, and 'diplomatic immunity':  "Diplomatic Immunity and RAF Croughton: Trump Goes After the Brits" (Giraldi).

Very close to Potemkin village territory:  "Trump’s exciting event in Ahmedabad" (Bhadrakumar):
"Trump would have calculated that even if just about ten percent of what Modi promised actually show up for the road show, that would present a breathtaking spectacle on the TV screen as the images get beamed into the American homes.

The overpowering impression that the spectacle would create in the American public will be that Trump is an immensely popular leader among mankind, contrary to what one half of Americans speak of him.

To be sure, Modi government is leaving no stone unturned. The government hopes to arrange 1.2 lakh people to attend the rally at Motera Stadium. 3,000 buses will be deployed to ferry people from the districts to the stadium."
"BT Cotton: Cultivating Farmer Distress in India" (Todhunter).

"My Struggle" (Atzmon).  According to the Jews, Jews are the only group that aren't, and can't possibly be, racist.

"Separation & Black-Jewish Discontents" (Moriarty).  Despite a simply massive PR campaign, you'd be hard pressed to find a black person who believes Jewish motives in dealing with blacks are in any way altruistic.

Khazar 'negotiating':  "‘Whether they accept it or not, it’s going to happen’ — Netanyahu lays out Palestinian submission to Trump plan" (Weiss). Actually, the 'deal' isn't going to happen - they'll just use it as the pretense to steal the land, and any obligations on Israel will, of course, never be fulfilled.

"Roundup: Looking for the path forward" (Smith):
"So where to from here? It seems to me that given that the government cannot order the RCMP or other police forces to clear the blockades – particularly without escalating the situation and creating a series of Oka or Ipperwash crises across the country – nor can they order the RCMP to withdraw from Wet’suwet’en territory, it means that it’s up to Coastal GasLink to swallow the losses and go to the court to withdraw the court order that the RCMP went in to enforce that touched off this whole mess. One has to wonder whether anyone is counselling them to that very effect, but if that’s the way out of this situation, then they may have to take their lumps and do their part to walk the country back from the brink, because there don’t appear to be any clear paths out of this particular mess otherwise. It should also be a warning to other developers that they can’t keep cutting corners, particularly with regards to Indigenous peoples. CGL should have consulted the hereditary chiefs as well as the elected ones, provided proper reassurances that no, this was not a stealthy way to put a bitumen pipeline through their territory (because yes, that conspiracy theory is floating around), and done that work ahead of time. The days of cutting these corners has to stop, or we’ll keep going through this exercise time and again."
The corner cutting: "Pipeline approval record reveals conflict with Wet'suwet'en years in the making" (Proctor).  I think the shareholders of Coastal GasLink have a good case that the laziness of management - failing to consult everybody in the hope they could just muscle their way through - was a gross dereliction of their duties.

Worse than J. Edgar:  "Jimmy Comey, Sanctimonious Moron by Larry C Johnson".

Ha ha ha!:  "A Trump Sentence Commutation Attorneys Generals Liked" (Rosenberg):
"A methamphetamine production plant existed with the slaughterhouse, sanctioned by management. At the time of the raid, Barack Obama, then an Illinois senator said of Agriprocessors during a campaign stop in Davenport, Iowa, “They have kids in there wielding buzz saws and cleavers. It’s ridiculous.”"
I love it when the absolute shekel corruption is so obvious!:
"Sholom Rubashkin was convicted of eighty-six counts of federal-bank fraud. Prosecutors asked for a life sentence for Sholom Rubashkin, citing his lawlessness and lack of remorse, but more than one dozen former U.S. attorneys cried to the judge: Unfair!
“We cannot fathom how truly sound and sensible sentencing rules could call for a life sentence—or anything close to it—for Mr. Rubashkin, a 51-year-old, first-time, nonviolent offender,” said a letter signed by former attorney generals Janet Reno, William Barr, Richard Thornburgh, Edwin Meese III, Ramsey Clark and Nicholas Katzenbach.
A few years later in 2017, President Trump commuted Rubashkin’s sentence. The commutation resulted from pressure from both sides of the aisle said the White House–both Nancy Pelosi and Orrin Hatch. It also came from high-ranking law enforcement officials said NBC, who argued “the sentence was far too harsh for a first-time, non-violent offender.”"
"Colombia: Colonel Involves General in Extrajudicial Killings".  Old soldiers who have committed atrocities testifying against the superiors who gave the orders is a step on the road to recovery.

The revenge of the martyr is happening much more quickly than anybody - especially Khazars who ordered the hit and their Assholian stooges - could have possibly imagined:  "Is the “Axis of Resistance” in a Better or Worse Position? the Martyr Qassem Soleimani Achieves Even More Than the Major General Did" (Magnier).

"The Show Trial of A and B. Kafka comes to The Hague" (Hitchens).  The reaction of the OPCW to its whistle blowers is even more shameful than the original cooked-up 'investigation'.  The whole thing needs to be wound up, its directors and senior managers publicly shamed - they can go work  for the Assholes, which, as we know, they are already doing now - and a new non-crooked organization set up as a replacement to try to do something better than rubber stamping Asshole PR.

Khazars gonna Khaz - he may be the best choice, but he's still Evil:  "Sanders tells New York Times he would consider a preemptive strike against Iran or North Korea" (Crosse/Grey).

"Dresden Terror Bombing, Like Hiroshima, A Maniacal Warning To Moscow" (Cunningham).  Nothing has changed - the Assholes are still 'warning Moscow'.

"Pentagon expects US public to buy lame excuse about missing weapons sent to Syria, Iraq" (Malic). 'Lost' and 'missing', right into the hands of our proxy armies!

How do you deliver aid to people when political control of the area is by genocidal maniacs who will just use it to feed themselves, or sell it for weapons to commit more genocide?:  "Idlib and the “Interahamwe aid trap”" (Cobban).

"Syria and “Transitional Justice”" (Cobban).  The weaponization by Assholes/Zionists of legalistic 'human rights' tribunals.  It's 'victor's justice' even when they lose!
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