Thursday, February 06, 2020

Call the police immediately

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish sarcasm from self-parody:  "Russians did it! Democratic congresswoman finally says what Russiagaters have all been thinking about Iowa caucus fail".

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"+1 to Sheila Jackson for accusing Shadow's Buttigieg supporters & former Hillary staffers of being Russian assets."
You have to tip your hat to the (((media))), who have outdone themselves on the lying, finding every possible way to misconstrue the Iowa results as Mayorcheat beating Bernie.

Added: "Was The Iowa Caucus Hacked To Put Pete Buttigieg In The Lead?" (RAM (Richard Armande Mills).

Niceguyitis, the same problem Corbyn has:  "After Iowa, Does Bernie Have What It Takes?" (Lavenia).


Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
""Bernie Sanders can be legitimately described as" an oligarch, says MSNBC regular
@DrJasonJohnson -- alongside multi-billionaires Mike Bloomberg, Bill Gates and Mark Cuban. I want to mock that but how could you possibly mock it more than by just repeating what he said?"
Tweet (marc maron):
"We lost another one way too young. RIP Kirk Douglas."
A pioneer in the Khazar hobby of shiksa sexual humiliation, making Harvey Weinstein look like a nun, and probably taking it all the way to murder (which couldn't be discussed as the old fucker refused to die).  Literally a monster.

Tweet (Kate Hagen) (this is regarding her rape by Kirk, not her murder, a whole other issue):
"Justice for Natalie Wood. If you know, you know."
From niqnaq:  "colonel cassad for wednesday, feb 5".  The Turks have set up 'observation posts' in northern Syria, which are just ways of arming the terrorists.  As the SAA deterrorizes northern Syria, it just leaves these posts and works around them, leaving terrorist supply centers high and dry with no terrorists to supply!  Also the note the typical Erdoğan bluster, directed at his conservative Turkish base, but the Russians and SAA know it is just hot air, and carry on deterrorizing regardless, as they know Erdoğan is much more cautious than he sounds.

"Exclusive: U.S. halts secretive drone program with Turkey over Syria incursion" (Rothschilds).  Putin knows that Israel won't stop stirring up the Kurds by giving them bad advise that Greater Kurdistan is just around the corner, and that American politicians are completely corrupted by Khazars, and that thus there is an inevitable conflict between Turkey and the US.  This is what drives the tremendously successful Russian diplomacy.

In what appears to be a trend amongst 'American' Khazars, and representing the arrogance of being so successful at blackmailing and bribing American politicians, The Forward has stopped lying and has gone full golem, taking the universal Khazar supremacism to  spectacular levels of Pure Evil, and thus more goyim knowing (they no longer care how much the goyim know, as what are they going to do about it?):  "What happened to The Forward?" (Zonszein).

Sanctions For The Jews:  "Sanctions Are Not an Alternative to War" (Shafiei)

Quite a thread!:  tweet (michaelharriot):
"One of the most popular misconceptions about black history is that over time, America has gradually become less racist and more tolerant. That is not true. Since y'all want a BHM thread, here's a thread about the evolution of racism in America."
Tweet (Sarah Lazare):
"Things Pelosi didn't tear up:
- the 2020 NDAA, which gives Trump a $738 billion war budget
- Trump's USMCA (NAFTA 2.0) trade deal, which allows companies to challenge enviro regulations proposed by signatories
- The 2017 bill imposing new sanctions on Iran, Russia, and N Korea"
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"It was super impressive how Nancy Pelosi lept out her chair the minute Trump mentioned The True and Legitimate President of Venezuela Juan Guaido, leaving Mike Pence in her dust, sitting there like he was some sort of covert Communist sympathizer. Make a gif of that."
Guido at the SOTU seems to be Trump's response to people noticing how much he has been avoiding Guido.

 Tweet (Dan Zak):
"Words in the second half of Trump's #SOTU speech:

brutal rape
terrible (3x)
aliens (5x)
Tweet (Dave Levinthal):
"Things you see in court filings, Roger Stone edition:"
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