Monday, February 10, 2020

Can't unsee

"Claim: ‘Epstein Worked for Israel’" (Giraldi).  Nothing new, just a summary of the facts.  The Mossad doesn't mind this kind of talk, as it knows the ongoing blackmail operations, and Ghislaine, are completely safe.  In fact, the more notoriety the Epstein/Maxwell operation has, the more successful the other blackmail operations will be.  The blackmailees will be especially nervous.

Warning, warning, warning!  There's a picture here you can't unsee:  "American Oligarchs I: the Pritzkers and Transgenderism" (Striker).

"Vulture Capitalism, Jews — and Hollywood, Part 1" (Connelly).  I've noted that another example is the television show 'Billions'.  (((They))) are extremely proud of their anti-gentilism and boundless criminality, and want to celebrate it using their (((entertainment industry))), but don't want to give the goyim any bad ideas, so invariably hide their involvement in the crimes through casting and writing.

"A Reader Thinks Finding Alien Life in Space is Very Unlikely" (Anglin).

"By What Right Does Canada and Its Gendarmerie Invade Wet’suwet’en Territory?" (Petersen).  The standard Canadian operating procedure is to find some crooked chiefs, pay them off, get a 'deal' supposedly binding on the entire tribe, and then use that to push through whatever they want.  That's basically what they did here.  Not to be too cynical, but what's going to happen is that they will have to shell out more money to get the protests to go away (the entire project is awful, and has been finessed out of any proper environmental assessment, as that would have killed it).  "Rachel LaFortune: "Rule of law" is not a justification for colonial violence in Wet'suwet'en pipeline dispute":
". . . as has become common practice, the court’s decision focused almost exclusively on the financial risk posed by project delays. Accepting that construction delays “could jeopardize the entire project”, the B.C. Supreme Court found that the injunction was necessary to protect the project proponent, provincial utility B.C. Hydro, from significant financial losses."
"Bankers Shape Canadian Policy in Latin America. Juan Guaidó Fêted in Ottawa" (Engler).  This wouldn't have been any more embarrassing and outrageous if Trudeau had conducted the meeting in blackface.

American proxy army uses American weapons, supplied by the CIA:  "Syria & Russia Publish Evidence Of US Weapons Recovered In Idlib 'Terrorist Enclave'" (Durden).

"Why Fascism is the Wave of the Future" (Luttwak) (my emphasis in red; it's what Bannon, but almost nobody else, knows):
"It is only mildly amusing that nowadays the standard Republican/Tory after-dinner speech is a two-part affair, in which part one celebrates the virtues of unimpeded competition and dynamic structural change, while part two mourns the decline of the family and community ‘values’ that were eroded precisely by the forces commended in part one. Thus at the present time the core of Republican/Tory beliefs is a perfect non-sequitur. And what does the moderate Left have to offer? Only more redistribution, more public assistance, and particularist concern for particular groups that can claim victim status, from the sublime peak of elderly, handicapped, black lesbians down to the merely poor.

Thus neither the moderate Right nor the moderate Left even recognises, let alone offers any solution for, the central problem of our days: the completely unprecedented personal economic insecurity of working people, from industrial workers and white-collar clerks to medium-high managers. None of them are poor and they therefore cannot benefit from the more generous welfare payments that the moderate Left is inclined to offer. Nor are they particularly envious of the rich, and they therefore tend to be uninterested in redistribution. Few of them are actually unemployed, and they are therefore unmoved by Republican/Tory promises of more growth and more jobs through the magic of the unfettered market: what they want is security in the jobs they already have – i.e. precisely what unfettered markets threaten.

A vast political space is thus left vacant by the Republican/Tory non-sequitur, on the one hand, and moderate Left particularism and assistentialism, on the other. That was the space briefly occupied in the USA by the 1992 election-year caprices of Ross Perot, and which Zhirinovsky’s bizarre excesses are now occupying in the peculiar conditions of Russia, where personal economic insecurity is the only problem that counts for most people (former professors of Marxism-Leninism residing in Latvia who have simultaneously lost their jobs, professions and nationalities may be rare, but most Russians still working now face at least the imminent loss of their jobs). And that is the space that remains wide open for a product-improved Fascist party, dedicated to the enhancement of the personal economic security of the broad masses of (mainly) white-collar working people. Such a party could even be as free of racism as Mussolini’s original was until the alliance with Hitler, because its real stock in trade would be corporativist restraints on corporate Darwinism, and delaying if not blocking barriers against globalisation. It is not necessary to know how to spell Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft to recognise the Fascist predisposition engendered by today’s turbocharged capitalism."
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