Thursday, February 27, 2020

CIA truck lane

The very essence of 'political':  tweet (Naomi Colvin):
"Ed Fitzgerald: what other point could there be to publish evidence of war crimes, torture and human rights abuses if not to produce a change in policy? "WikiLeaks did effect a change, this is one of the reasons policy did change" re: Iraq withdrawal #Assange"
It is interesting to compare this case to the Canadian case, where again the US is attempting to circumvent the vary obvious 'political' nature of the issue by glomming on to a supposed criminal act, in Britain, having a part in releasing the identities of people whose lives may be thereby threatened (though the real crime was committed by 'journalists' at the Guardian, including the laughably spooked-up Luke Harding, who negligently (?) let the password out, and American authorities apparently didn't care when Assange gave them a panicked head's up), and in Canada, conspiring to breach the ridiculous American sanctions on Iran (another very obvious 'political' crime, as there is nothing more obviously political than 'regime change' and Sanctions For The Jews).

Unfortunately, relying just on the one statute, and the unique absence of an exception in that statute (allowing the use of the statutory interpretation angle that the words must have been left out on purpose), and completely ignoring any other laws, British common law, the Magna Carta and international law, there will be enough wiggle room of a lane for this corrupt and obviously dim-witted judge to drive her CIA truck through.
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