Sunday, February 02, 2020


"The Mysterious Michael D’Andrea: Was the C.I.A.’s Iran Mission Center Chief Shot Down?" (Giraldi).  A bit of background on D’Andrea, but then just speculation.  If he's a guy who goes around not being recognized, perhaps the CIA would want to keep it that way, so a proof-of-life picture of him holding today's JYT isn't likely.  They also probably think they are above proving anything to anybody.  He doesn't appear to have been so secretive to have left no trace, so a proper investigatory journalist in Washington could probably track his presence, or absence, down, but where would you find such a journalist? 

As Giraldi notes, just having Iran mention his name is a threat against him and similar level American functionaries, who are all now potential retaliatory targets.  This is probably what an Iranian hit would look like - vague, unsubstantiated claims that perhaps the Taliban took the plane down, with questions about whether they could, no obvious Iranian fingerprints, and a situation where, for various reasons, the Americans might prefer to not admit that anything of the kind happened.  The Iranian revenge could go on for years, just picking off targets when the situation presented itself.

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