Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Day 2

Gosztola thread on Day 2 of the Assange persecution.  It seems defence counsel are doing their jobs, but with a judge so utterly compromised by conflicts of interest, and obviously biased, it is probably hopeless.

"As Assange’s trial begins, his lawyers highlight risk of extradition with CIA spying operation’s ‘extreme measures’" (Gosztola). The apparent quid pro quo that Rohrabacher tried to arrange - a pardon for Assange spilling the beans on Seth Rich - would seem to create the 'political' exception which should preclude extradition, if the judge cared at all about the law.

"WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Hrafnsson Briefly Banned From Assange Hearings With No Explanation" (Elmaazi/Korso).

It is curious that British prison officials seem to be going well out of their way to mistreat Assange, as if they, and the judge, are looking to Langley for a thumb's up.  Perhaps they'll all get CIA awards - the Guardians of Vault 7.
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