Thursday, February 27, 2020

Day 4

Gosztola thread for Day 4, including this, on Assange's normal and reasonable request to be able to confer with his lawyers in real time, a right taken as a given in every non-corrupt court in the world (the judge seems to think all hell would break loose if he isn't tied up Hannibal-Lecter-style):
"Issue isn’t can Assange hear but can he participate in his defense. He wants to be able to consult with attorneys during proceedings and judge is prioritizing the security concerns of guards and counter-terrorism courthouse personnel over due process rights."
Also (where it gets interesting):
"In so many words, prosecutor says political offense exception was useful to countries in Western empire (who upheld “liberal democracy”) long ago, but times have changed. Their power has waned. Who are dissidents we wish to protect is more murky #Assange"
"It definitely sounds like Lewis is arguing political offense exception was tool for US government to protect dissidents that were useful to its agenda. Government does not rely on it as much anymore. Of course not because it gets in the way of terrorism extraditions #Assange"
In other words, express statement from the agent for the hegemon that the 'political' exception only exists to protect 'color revolution' style dissidents who are working for the hegemon in regime change, is no longer needed for imperial projects, and therefore should be abandoned!

Courage Foundation thread on Day 4.

M. A. E. thread, mostly on statutory construction and 'political offences'.

Tweet (Dame Cathy Vogan):
"#Manning's crew were forbidden video games in the brig. In an Apache helicopter was another story...

Biggest revelation was that password crack was to download video games & music video; not state secrets. NO login was needed for the military database."
 Tweet (Flick Ruby):
"What have we learned from @WikiLeaks? Friends, this thread will go for a while. Consider and evaluate whether this material is in the public interest as events regarding #WikiLeaks and #Assange unfold. Also, feel free to unfollow if you can't hack it."
Added: Murray on the truly embarrassing judicial shitshow that was Day 3:
"Baraitser started to throw out jargon like a Dalek when it spins out of control. “Risk assessment” and “health and safety” featured a lot. She started to resemble something worse than a Dalek, a particularly stupid local government officer of a very low grade. “No jurisdiction” – “Up to Group 4”. Recovering slightly, she stated firmly that delivery to custody can only mean delivery to the dock of the court, nowhere else in the room. If the defence wanted him in the courtroom where he could hear proceedings better, they could only apply for bail and his release from custody in general. She then peered at both barristers in the hope this would have sat them down, but both were still on their feet.

In his diffident manner (which I confess is growing on me) Lewis said “the prosecution is neutral on this request, of course but, err, I really don’t think that’s right”. He looked at her like a kindly uncle whose favourite niece has just started drinking tequila from the bottle at a family party."
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