Friday, February 28, 2020

Erdoğan's Syrian adventures

Tweet (Syrian Girl):
"Turkey has admitted that dozens of Turkish soldiers have died trying to invade #Idlib. Who sends soldiers to a place where they don’t have air defence? Trump and Erdogan have that in common."
Not only that, but supplies the jihadists with the same vehicles the Turkish army uses, and then whines when the Syrian army, fighting these terrorists, kills Turkish troops (the Turks also refuse to tell the Russians where they are, further endangering their troops, whose lives are unimportant except as Turkish PR). You'd be forgiven for thinking that Erdoğan planned this on purpose, to give him a casus belli for some land grabbing, and even to try to get NATO involved. "Russia sends warships to Syria, blames Ankara for deaths of Turkish troops".

Magnier thread.

He's softening up the Eurotrash with his main weapon, refugees.
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