Saturday, February 22, 2020

Everyone on videotape

""Jeffrey And I Had Everyone On Videotape" Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Told Friend" (Durden). While this is without any doubt what they did, I'm a little skeptical that she would tell a friend.  On the other hand (((Oxenberg))) and (((Jizzlaine))) have good reasons to keep up the ongoing pressure on the blackmail victims, and this kind of story is just the thing to keep them compliant with Khazar demands.

"Gloria Allred Is Using A School Bus To Shame Prince Andrew Into Talking To The FBI About Jeffrey Epstein" (Kristian).  The same, from (((Allred))).  Randy Andy isn't going to talk to any investigator, but this kind of stunt keeps the blackmail in play.

"UK minister who approved Trump’s request to extradite Assange spoke at secretive US conferences with people calling for him to be “neutralized”" (Kennard/Curtis).  They all move in the same creepy circles.

"New conflict of interest evidence against UK judge in charge of Assange extradition process" (Reed).  What amazes me is that the judges don't even attempt to hide the bias - they seem to revel in it, as if they are sending signals out to their peers of how everybody can rely on how crooked they are.  If you add all the petty ways they hinder the preparation of a proper defense, it is not a good look.  On the bright side, when he's garroted, nobody will be able to claim with a straight face that he got a fair trial.

"Former Congressman Says He Did Promise Julian Assange a Pardon If He Proved Russia Didn’t Hack DNC" (Anglin). Rohrabacher was looking for a public statement on the truth about Seth Rich.

"Pro-Israel Super PAC to stop running negative ads against Bernie Sanders".  It backfired!  With enemies like (((these))), who needs friends!

"Russiagate 2.0: Russia Is Boosting Bernie Sanders Campaign" ('Hunter Wallace'). "US Government Tells Bernie Sanders He’s Being Secretly Supported by Russian Hackers" (Anglin).

Tweet (Resist the RESISTANCE-BloombergIsaRacist):
"According to some very dumb pundits, Russia is supposedly helping Sanders win the nomination , but @MikeBloomberg is the one caught with several social media bot accounts. You can’t make this shit up. Another proof the Russia narrative is created by corporate media."
"This Week’s Lunacy" (Robinson). "Russia isn’t just mapping Ireland’s internet cables – it’s planning to INVADE, foams Cold-War-revivalist DC think tank" (Buyniski).  Obvious lunacy is no longer a deterrent to the publication of anti-Russian PR.

Entertaining the bio-weapon hypothesis:  "Escobar: No Weapon Left Behind - The American Hybrid War On China".  Added: the fact this isn't a great bio-weapon is a feature not a bug.  They don't want to kill millions, just put pressure on the Chinese government and disrupt the economy.

"Pentagon 'Accidentally' Tells The Truth About Idlib" (Durden).  I'd like to know what the critics of the Resistance operations would like to see.  Is the Syrian government really supposed to leave these monsters in charge of large areas of Syria?  The complaints all break down to the fact that the Reisitance is having success in removing the Zionist-Assholian proxy armies.

"Homeland Security Algorithm Revokes U.S. Visa of War Crimes Investigator Eyal Weizman" (Mackey).  Very, very iffy (((character))), part of the Douma gas hoax/false flag.

"Huawei in the Crosshairs" (Whitney). Americans no longer have money for R & D as they sadly must spend everything on Wars For The Jews. When this starts having practical implications, the only thing left to do is to attempt to bully and bluster, and it's not working.

"Netanyahu between the Nakba Arabs and the Arabs who are a joke" (Qandil). The Palestinian people are pretty much on their own on this one, except for Iran-Hezbollah.

"Trump-Kushner “Peace” Plan ignores elephants in the room: Israel created this mess" (Shihadah).  Khazarocracy, the most cruel form of government yet devised.

"Labour’s Next Leader has Already betrayed the Left" (Cook).  They've subjected the British people to years of one of the worst possible governments in the world, all because Corbyn was a threat to their kleptomania.  Now they are making sure no moral person can possibly be Labour leader.  We have no word in English to describe how vile they are.

"US War Criminal Elliott Abrams Goes After teleSUR As Part of Regime Change Plot". "Trump Not Giving Up On "Military Options" For Maduro's Ouster, Considers Naval Blockade" (Durden).

"Trump’s New Spy Chief Used to Work for a Foreign Politician the U.S. Accused of Corruption" (Arnsdorf).

"Apocalypse Now! Insects, Pesticides and a Public Health Crisis" (Todhunter).
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