Monday, February 17, 2020


"Syrian forces seize most of Aleppo province, on eve of Turkey-Russia talks" (Rothschilds).  Erdoğan's bluffs, stunts, and games are coming to an end.  "Putin vs. Erdogan: Who's Going to Blink First?" (Whitney).  The way Erdoğan takes parts of an agreement he likes, and fails to do any of his obligations - you'd be forgiven for thinking he was a Khazar.

Requisite PR:  "In Idlib and Afrin’s Hell Toddler Dead for Bitter Cold… Or for Turkish big Fake-News?" (Carisio).  "On Syrian Hospitals Being Bombed…or Not…" (Bartlett).

"Judge Bazelon, The Mob, And Woody Allen As Investigative Movie-Maker" (Stix).  Amazing story, explains a (((lot))).

"Israel’s Netanyahu boasts of having Destroyed US 1st Amendment and Free Speech" (Cole).

"Democrats Team Up With Trump to Maintain Disastrous Healthcare System" (Pappas).  Bipartisan.  "“Shit-Life Syndrome,” Trump Voters, and Clueless Dems" (Levine).  A realistic assessment of the limited, but real, benefits of President Bernie:  "The Party’s Over: Bernie’s Last Dance With the Dems" (Kavanagh).

Kleptomaniac korner:  "How do settlers take over Palestinian land? One road gives the answer" (Etkes).  "Christian Zionist archaeology: A tool of Palestinian subjugation" (Kirk).

Good cartoon at the end:  "Important Country “Estonia” Warns of Imminent Russian Hacking of Elections" (Anglin).  Caption:  "Estonia: it’s like if the Amish discovered clothing dye.".

Germany, in a nutshell, in a caption by Anglin:
"Dog-faced pony soldier Angela Merkel explained she has a lot of respect for the human rights of the Arab gang-rapists in Germany, but believes Arab children in Palestine should be murdered by the Jews."
"Why Wasn't Andrew McCabe Charged?" (McCarthy). The lie in question was part of the FBI's consistent protection of the Clinton Foundation, which is the big underlying issue throughout.

"U.S. Says It Has Thwarted $6 Billion Russia-Germany Gas Pipeline" (Donahue/Miller).  This is just repetition of State Department PR, with no evidence that the Russians aren't proceeding to finish the almost completed pipeline.

"Our Fundamental Disagreement About WWII, Hitler, Jews and Race" (The Saker).  "Fascism in Ukraine: the conspiracy of silence" (Altham).  From a comment by Francis Lee:
"Various other novel attractions in the capital of Banderestan – Lviv – include ‘Jewish themed restaurants’ one such is Kryivka (Hideout or Lurking Hole) where guests have a choice of dishes and whose dinning walls are decorated with larger than life portraits of Bandera, the toilet with Russian and Jewish anecdotes. At another Jewish themed restaurant guests are offered black hats of the sort worn by Hasidim. The menu lists no prices for the dishes; instead, one is required to haggle over highly inflated prices ‘’in the Jewish fashion’’."
"The Battle for Auschwitz – II" (Shamir).  "Ukraine’s Zelensky- Honoring Hitler at Israel’s Holocaust Commemoration" (Eliason):
"Wasyl Veryha was a Waffen SS officer in the Galician Division, premier Diaspora historian, and president of the World Congress of Free Ukrainians, and had a senior position at the University of Toronto Libraries. According to Veryha in his Master’s Degree thesis, Ukrainian as a nationality was not accepted fully until the 1950s. Ukrainian was first formulated acceptably as a nationality in Canada in the 1930s."
Wow!: "On Fault Lines: The corruption of Buttigieg donors, the Ziff Brothers" (Komisar).  Along with (((Browder))), part of the story of the (((predators))) and the predation of post-Soviet Russia.
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