Saturday, February 08, 2020

It can't happen fast enough!

Tweet (John Nichols):
"In the first round of #IowaCaucus voting (the rough equivalent of a primary), @BernieSanders is now at 43,671 votes, while Buttigieg has 37,557. Sanders is 6,000+ votes ahead of Buttigieg, 11,000+ votes ahead of Warren, and 17,000+ votes ahead of Biden."
Tweet (Jack Hatch):
"DNC Chair Tom Perez is sabotaging the #IowaCaucasDisaster. It was the DNC who rejected our caucus plan and forced the IDP to accept their app. I know because I assembled a team that received the IDP contract, then the DNC told the IDP to pull it and substituted their plan."
 Tweet (Jimmy Dore):
"Facebook=Fake News. They are is telling people that the accurate information in my news report about vote flipping in Iowa is false.

My news report was flagged by a guy name Ryan Cooper who works for CNN and supports Buttigieg.

This is how the Establishment rigs elections."
"Mayor Pete and Bill Maher" (Lang).

It can't happen fast enough!:  tweet (Samuel D. Finkelstein II) (you could/should even discern some 'anti-Semitism' in the way he pronounces 'Denmark'):
"Here’s Chris Matthews imagining a world in which “the reds won” and people—including himself—are being executed in Central Park.

He thinks that, in this imaginary scenario, Bernie would have been in the crowd, cheering.

Serious political analysis, folks!
Western societies still don't have an answer to these blood-pouring-from-the-fangs monsters who have weaponized our good natures against us, and we need to come up with something fast before they destroy the world with their kleptomania:  "UK Jewish leader: Anti-Semitism worse than ever since WWII yet we’re ignoring it" (Horovitz).

"Why I just quit the Labour Party" (Winstanley).  Any party that is really 'left' has to be essentially Judenfrei.  The reason is simple.  The Khazar kleptomania, and Putin's decision to block Yinon in Syria, means that any Jewed-up party will have to promote WWIII. There is no question about this.  WWIII is obviously profoundly anti-human, but it also will suck up all the resources that would be required for real material improvements to the quality of life for real human beings (President Sanders would have the same problem as the US literally spends all the money it might be spending on people and infrastructure on Wars For The Jews).  Jewish control of your party = guaranteed tragedy.

"Jewish Reactions to Black Anti-Semitism" (Joyce).  (((They))) don't care about the Hasids having their giant hats knocked off, what (((they))) do care about is the conceptual damage done to their main weapon for extorting what they want, 'anti-Semitism'.

Tweet (Laura Rozen) (first MAGA since Trump was elected - not nearly enough, but perhaps it will put some fear in the traitors, curbing their relentless treason a bit):
"Marie Yovanovitch retired last week, Kurt Volker turned over texts and quit, Sondland testified now fired, Taylor testified removed Jan 2., Morrison left week after testified, Vindman testified, escorted out today along w twin brother, Pence aide Williams left OVP for Centcom"
Tweet (Undercover Huber):
"If it’s going to be Firing Week (which beats infrastructure week) let’s remember that POTUS can remove the ICIG for any reason or no reason"
Extremely good:  "Beyond Ukraine: America's Coming (Losing) Battle For Eurasia" (Sjursen).

"What brought Iranian forces to Idlib front?" (Azizi).  More retribution for the illegal assassination.

"It’s Farmer v. Monsanto in Court Fight over Dicamba Herbicide" (Gillam).  Monsanto's criminal modus operandi is to screw over farmers too poor to have any clout, so this might be a welcome development.

Tweet (tzu öyster cult):
"huge Michael Meyers energy"
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