Sunday, February 09, 2020

It is not a Bugs, it is a feature

Tweet (Kevin Gosztola):
"“Bernie was going to have that press conference and explain that he won Iowa. And [Tom Perez] did that [his call for recanvass] to sandbag him.”"
Exactly at the time Iowa was going to figure its own numbers out, and award Sanders the win, Perez suddenly shows up, and throws another spanner in the works. They are shameless.  I know they might miss the 'alt' journalists covering this debacle, but they wouldn't miss Michael Moore, so they are pulling all these outrageous stunts knowing that people know what they are doing and why.

Gosztola's very big thread on the billionaires for Mayor Cheat. You could add your own ((())).

This is the same thing the oligarchs do with any identity politics (e.g., Barry), promote one of their agents solely on the basis that he or she ticks a box:  tweet (Petro Populist, The Uncancellable):
"Yeah if a gay man is white enough, has worked for the CIA enough, has done at least a cameo in the military occupation of a gutted country, has demonstrated himself pro-business enough, and acts straight enough he can almost be nominated to lose the presidency to a TV clown"
Tweet (jordan):
"this might be the worst thing I've ever seen"
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