Friday, February 28, 2020

Luck of the 'Irish'

"Julia Ioffe: The Weaponized Immigrant Journalist" (Levine) (also).  "Anonymous Sources and the Guys and Gals Who Made the Iraq War a Reality Are Now Claiming That the Kremlin Is at It Again!" (Giraldi).  Comment by Mustapha Mond:
"Sanger. Nuland (Nudelman). Kagan. Albright. Harman. All Irish people!

It’s those damned Irish again, subverting our country and destroying our freedoms.

I blame Sinn Fein. And Russia.

Who should we nuke first…… ?"
WWIII is necessary, goyim, as Putin is interfering with the killing and land theft that is the right, and obsession, of all Khazars.

"Lest We Forget – Hillary Clinton: We Must Destroy Syria for Israel" (Uprooted Palestinians).

"Joe Biden, Ukraine, nazis, John Conyers and the fall election" (Bellant). We'll know for certain after South Carolina, but the Clintonista plan to remove Biden using the impeachment of Trump seems to have been remarkably successful.

Tweet (Independent Jewish Voices) (unanimous, so the Liberals and NDP, who aren't Christian Zionist nuts, took the shekels):
"#Bill168 to adopt the Orwelllian IHRA redefinition of antisemitism was just adopted unanimously by the #Ontario legislature at 2nd reading We commend MPPs for wanting to fight antisemitism, but the IHRA is the wrong way to go about it. #noIHRA"
"Canada Joins ‘Friendly States’ in Opposing ICC War Crimes Investigation in Palestine" (Palestine Chronicle).  Beardboy is amassing a huge pile of shekels.

We haven't seen this palpably unbridled lust for power since . . . Killary:  tweet (Jimmy Dore) (also):
"I don't know about you but I wish people would stop pointing out horrible stuff like this that further reveals Elizabeth Warren as a duplicitous untrustworthy liar,... mostly because it will make it harder for me to vote for her after they steal it from Bernie."
A wasted day, though it did emphasize how compromised and incompetent the judge is:  "Judge: Julian Assange Must Remain in Glass Box During Extradition Proceedings" (Gosztola).  "Julian Assange, Political Offences and Legal Restraints" (STCLAIR).  "Julian Assange, the Glass Cage and Heaven in a Rage: Day Four of Extradition Hearings" (Kampmark). There are a lot of recesses in this show trial, required, of course, so the judge can keep getting her instructions from Langley.  If the defence can stretch this out to November, and on the huge assumption Bernie doesn't get shivved by the Clintonistas (again), that's the only way out (I'm naturally assuming Bernie has no trouble with Trump - the way you know that Bernie will have no trouble with Trump is that all the usual suspects claim he will have trouble with Trump).  It is striking how far the British people, who invented much of judicial protection of human rights and security, have fallen.

"The Modi/Trump Anti-Muslim Alliance" (Brauchli).  "Who Will Douse Delhi’s Flames?" (Versey).

"With Help From US Media Allies, Nicaragua’s Coup-Mongers Are Aiming for Western Hearts and Minds" (McCurdy/Mitchell).

Remind me again how these 'nice' people always end up in conflict with the people who have to live near them.  It's a real puzzler.:  "On Hanging from the Blades of an Israeli Bulldozer: Al-Naem is Every Palestinian".  "Iran: Dubowitz’s coronavirus remarks ‘shameful and inhuman’".

"One Way Apartheid Israel Hides its Crimes against the Native Palestinians; The Kyl-Bingaman Amendment" (Bacon).

"One in Five Europeans Aware of Jewish Domination of the West" (Anglin).  I assume the one in five is an under count, as people are rightfully terrified of saying what they really think, but we still need to get that number up.

"Are Russia and Turkey on a Collision Course?" (The Saker). "Turkey, Russia tiptoe toward ‘unnecessary war’" (Bhadrakumar).  "Turkey's Losing Bet in Syria" (Cartalucci).  "Turkey: Why is the ‘Sick Man of Europe’ itching in Syria?" (Sheikh). 

"The Afghanistan ‘peace Deal’ Riddle" (Escobar).  You have to wonder if Trump could get a deal if he could just peel the CIA's hands off the heroin.

So what's Bezos up to here, publishing something truthful, totally against consistent WP policies (it must be a trick of some kind!)?:  "Bolivia dismissed its October elections as fraudulent. Our research found no reason to suspect fraud." (Curiel/Williams).

Tweet (Alex Rubinstein):
"Seems like there's a pattern emerging of Twitter suspending accounts that point out that Mike Bloomberg was in Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book. My guess is it's because of mass reporting by paid Bloomberg operatives"
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