Saturday, February 15, 2020


"Oligarch Buys Political Party - Seeks to Become President" (Moon).

Some thoughts on Bloomberg:
  • he's not in it to win it
  • Bloomberg is a terrible speaker, and would be wrecked by Trump's jibes and tweets, and has an utterly amazing history of saying completely disqualifying things for anybody trying to run as a Democrat (and we haven't even seen all the shiksa humiliation come out yet, but you can bet Trump has people working on it)
  • unlike with Trump, who uses the Presidency to improve the value of his 'brand', being President would only be an inconvenience for Bloomberg
  • he's not spending his own money - I'm thinking a syndicate of American billionaires, each chipping in, say $50 million
  • the issue is Bernie, whose taxes would cost them billions and billions, making $50 million to save billions an excellent rate of return on investment
  • the billionaires looked at Biden, who has basically been running for President his whole life, and spectacularly poorly (he's just not good at it!), and realized he wasn't going to be able to handle Bernie, and the rest of the field are not serious, just angling for cabinet positions
  • the danger is that Bernie might build up so much momentum that he starts clearing the table, state by state
  • the trick all along, and the reason the convention was set up to allow the superdelegates to vote as they wish after the first ballot, is to get past the first ballot, thus making it necessary to ensure Bernie doesn't have enough pledged delegates to win it on the first ballot, a real danger
  • the job of getting enough delegates to block Bernie was Biden's, and he is blowing it, and Bloomberg has set himself up to be the new Biden, perhaps literally replacing him
  • Bloomberg doesn't care who ends up as the eventual nominee - Warren, Biden, Clinton, all equally good, and equally protective of billionaires - just as long as Bernie is blocked
  • sine he's a Republican, he may very well prefer to see Trump reelected, with the debacle of another Bernie shivving on the floor of a Democrat convention just making the Trump reelection all the more likely.
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