Thursday, February 13, 2020

Rule of law

"WATCH: US military convoy met with HAIL OF BULLETS in north Syria… and Russian convoy intervenes to break up the fight".  Metaphor for everything - Americans illegally occupying a foreign country violently overreact to local resistance to their presence, kill some civilians, and the Russians come along to calm everybody down.

Thread on 'Money Bags' Bloomberg by Blake Zeff.  Politics is the art of buying everybody off.

Thread on Trudeau and 'rule of law' by Walking Eagle News.  We're also getting lots of unnecessary lessons on Canadian constitutional law from Trudeau.

Louis Allday on Sanders and socialism, Sanders and Palestine.  The American 'left' is so far right that there is enormous room to be well to the left of it without being anywhere near socialism.  We can't expect very much from a Khazar on Palestine, as the Palestinians are living on land the Khazars want to steal, and kleptomania rules.

It is funny how stealing the pensions from people is now depicted by corporadoes shamelessly as a positive move, good for everybody.

"wealthy Jewish bankers and the wars they start"

Greenwald on Frum (also); it is always unclear if Chait is as dumb as he consistently appears to be; American exceptionalist responses mostly agree with Chait!
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