Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Sheer torture

Funny time to remind Erdoğan that it was the CIA behind the last coup attempt against him, the ultimate goal of which was to have Erdoğan killed, and the memory of which constitutes the strongest lever that Moscow has in reminding him of who his real friends are:  "Escobar: Putin Keen To Cool Turkish Hawk Down":
"The crucial NATO story is actually way more muddled. Diplomatic sources in Brussels say the new NATO offensive is to try to interfere deeply in both Iraq and Jordan as a means to keep the situation in Syria unresolved.

To complicate matters, a new report by the RAND Corporation, entitled Turkey’s Nationalist Course, ruffled countless feathers in both Ankara and Istanbul, spinning the possibility of a new military coup in Turkey after the failed 2016 adventure.

This could be either wishful thinking or a “recommendation” to Trump from the Deep State. Both scenarios are plausible. It’s easy to imagine Erdogan’s serial sleepless nights trying to figure out who his friends really are."
"Russia Isn’t Dividing Us — Our Leaders Are" (Taibbi). The thing about Russiagate is that it is a series of statements which purport to be factual but which are more accurately seen as part of a religious belief system.  The key is that none of the components of Russiagate is falsifiable, which is to say that there is no possible evidence that could be presented to the Clintonistas which would cause them to admit that they are wrong.  In fact, if you raise an obvious objection - like, say, under Trump NATO operations in Europe have increased to a dangerous level that Putin could not possibly want - the instant response is for the Clintonistas to claim that you are obviously an agent of Putin!  This can go on forever, as no changes in facts, or proffered hard evidence, can possibly change the minds of a religious believer.

"Why Exactly Does Putin Love Bernie?" (Ioffe).  Khazar domination of the (((media))) has resulted in the hilarious situation where (((people))) who shouldn't be allowed to write for the local dog-owners association are suddenly given mass public platforms on which to embarrass themselves (see also, Bari Weiss).

Excellent reminder that hydrocarbons are finished as an economic way forward, and it is only dead-ender grievance politicians that are keeping it alive:  "The real betrayal of Albertans? Lifer politicians who won’t tell them the truth." (Gilmore).  You know how stupid it is when the hydrocarbon companies themselves are more woke that the politicians who purport to work for them:  "Teck to pull proposal for Frontier oilsands mine in Alberta" (Leavitt/Scoffield).  This is just common sense - why pick now of all times, when emotions are stirred up all over the country, to force through approval of a massively dirty mine that can't possibly be operational until the oil price almost doubles, a very unlikely situation which may not ever occur, and at best may take decades to happen?

Trudeau jumped the gun, thinking he'd solved the BC pipeline problem and letting the police start arresting people, a mistake that has actually slowed the process of sorting things out:  "Coastal GasLink sent back to the table with Indigenous leaders" (Fletcher) and  "Planned meeting between feds, Wet’suwet’en now delayed due to Trudeau’s comments: chief" (Boynton) and "OPP arrest 10 demonstrators at Tyendinaga blockade site, charges pending" (Tunney).

The interesting Asshole component to this is that American buyers get Alberta oil at discount prices because land-locked Alberta has no other place to sell oil, and this pipeline, albeit all in BC, represents the beginnings of a Canadian policy decision to start to sell hydrocarbons to China:  "U.S. foundations funding Canadian anti-pipeline protests: fair or foul?" (Hunt).

Tweet (Dylan Penner):
"Given police in Ottawa have admitted to using controversial facial recognition and Stingray cell monitoring tech, can #cdnmedia ask what kind of surveillance this van is doing and why? It's been following the Ottawa #WetsuwetenSolidarity demo all day."
"How Hindu Supremacists are Tearing India Apart"(Subramanian).  Supremacism is such a powerful drug that its adherents will literally destroy their own county in order to continue the delusion.  While other countries continue to advance, India is going backwards, fast, in almost every way.

Micromanaging the PA (presumably under the orders of President Jared) - installing the properly bribed traitors to the Palestinians - required three days of Bloody Gina, in person, and three days of her is sheer torture!:  "US-Palestinian intelligence talks focus on Abbas’ successor" (Abu Amer).

Using Hollywood to trick Americans into anti-MAGA Wars For The Jews is not new:  "Foreign Propaganda Interference Done Right: Brits in 1940s U.S." (Sailer).

"Manhattan DA Who Declined To Prosecute Weinstein Years Ago Celebrates Demise Of "Vicious Sexual Predator"" (Nathan).  It's shocking, given Vance's obvious corruption, that a conviction was obtained.  Don't people realize how it is the essence of anti-Semitism to stop powerful Khazars from humiliating gentile women?  The shiksa revenge on the Khazar humilators continues! I can't wait to see how much more of their credibility WSWS throws away to kvetch about this 'travesty of justice'.
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