Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Some death, but not too much

Tweet (Njames World):
"Terror maniac 'wanted to kill an MP': Sudesh Amman told fellow prison inmates he planned to copy fatal attack on Jo Cox  And that's why he was taken out so quickly, thats why he was being followed by armed police."
British authorities knew he was going to commit a 'terrorist' attack, which they wanted (presumably for the political reasons of Boris, and for the general reason that 'terrorism' is the life's blood of 'anti-terrorist' bureaucrats), but they didn't want too big of an attack, so they had armed police follow him around to kill him before the casualty rate got too high!  This is the perfect encapsulation of the relationship between the National-Security State and 'terrorism'.  As usual, it was only the incompetence of the attack that resulted in nobody actually dying.
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