Tuesday, February 04, 2020

The apps of shitty big countries

Tweet (Nikola):
"So let's recap.

First, Pete Buttigieg stops Iowa polls from being published.
Then, with 111 votes for Bernie and 47 for Pete, they both receive 2 delegates at a caucus.
Now, he funded the app that was supposed to track the caucus but ended up crashing, delaying the results."
Tweet (Mike Prysner) (see also):
"Shadow CEO, CTO, COO and Product Manager all worked for Hillary in 2016"
It's not incompetence:  tweet (Branko Marcetic):
"I suspect this Iowa disaster is just plain, honest incompetence, but Democrats probably shouldn't have spent the last month plotting out loud how to stop Sanders from winning if they wanted voters not to think that."
Buttigieg is the perfect stalking horse for Killary. Anybody else might develop momentum, but he won't get one black vote in the whole country, and is thus an impossible Democrat nominee. He conspires with her to fuck over Bernie's easy win with a crooked app, the rest of the field stumbles on to the convention, when the superdelegates 'save the day' by picking Killary, and Buttigieg is rewarded by being named her Secretary of Defense.
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