Sunday, February 02, 2020

The minute details of the plan

"Arab envoys present at US Mideast plan unveiling were misled: Diplomat".  They took the shekels and endorsed the theft, and everybody is mad at them, so here's the ridiculous excuse.  But further down:
"After the unveiling of the US Mideast deal, unnamed Israeli officials said Netanyahu would convene a cabinet meeting on Sunday to seek approval to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.
But an official at Netanyahu's office said on Saturday that there would be no meeting, declining to comment further.
The retreat came, the report said, after Britain cautioned Israel against advancing the West Bank annexation.
"Any such unilateral moves would be damaging to renewed efforts to re-start peace negotiations, and contrary to international law," the UK Foreign Office said in a statement.
"Any changes to the status quo cannot be taken forward without an agreement negotiated by the parties themselves.""
'Britain' means that collection of farm animals herded by the Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o ranchers, and the 'United States' is that collection of farm animals herded by the 'American' Khazar billionaire ranchers.  Note that, when push comes to shove, Israel still defers to Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o, and the characteristic thieving of the Khazars has to be postponed for a while.
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