Friday, February 07, 2020

The pitfalls

Depends how you look at it:  "The 13 Countries on Trump’s (mostly) Muslim Ban are little Security Challenge to US, but White Nationalism Is" (Kurzman) or "VICE News: The FBI Just Put White Nationalists On The Same Level As ISIS" ('Hunter Wallace').

"Iowa disaster redux: DNC demands recanvass as more sordid details emerge about Shadow app’s backers":
"The straw that broke the camel’s back might have been the Iowa Democrats’ sheepish walk-back of a set of phony results for Black Hawk County on Wednesday night, which had mysteriously handed a large chunk of Sanders votes to billionaire Tom Steyer and former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick. When the county supervisor published the actual results, the party dutifully updated their totals to reflect reality after promising a “minor correction.”

But this nonchalant correction of yet another supposedly innocent mistake – all of which, some noticed, had penalized Sanders – wasn’t enough for voters who had lost patience with the process. “How many other counties are having their results falsely reported by the IDP?” one group tweeted, giving voice to the suspicions shared by many."
"Acronym group that sabotaged Iowa caucus birthed by billionaire who funded Alabama disinformation campaign" (Blumenthal).

"Was Biden Destroyed by the Impeachment Hoax or Were the Polls Faked?" (Anglin).

First of many, I hope:  tweet (Jennifer Jacobs):
"BREAKING: White House is weighing plan to dismiss Alexander Vindman from National Security Council after he testified in impeachment inquiry, a move that will be part of a broader effort to shrink Trump admin foreign policy bureaucracy, sources tell me & @nwadhams. Story out soon"
"Who’s Got the Rocks to Stand Up to Government?" (Van Buren). "Obama Freed Chelsea Manning Three Years Ago. Why Is She Still in Jail?" (Ettachfini).  Her incarceration is an historically important protest, both with regard to the specific Assange persecution, and with respect to the coercive misuse of Grand Juries, a concept which should be abolished.  They were present in all the countries coming out of the British legal tradition, and have been abolished everywhere, and replaced successfully by judicial pre-trial committal proceedings, except for the US, where they seem to remain as a secret instrument of political trickery by ambitious prosecutors.

Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"“All the indications are that it was Daesh” - Iraqi officials say Islamic State jihadists were almost certainly  behind the deadly attack on the K-1 airbase, not Kata’ib Hezbollah, as the US insists."
ISIS false flag:  "Was U.S. Wrong About Attack That Nearly Started a War With Iran?" (Rubin):
"The rockets were launched from a Sunni Muslim part of Kirkuk Province notorious for attacks by the Islamic State, a Sunni terrorist group, which would have made the area hostile territory for a Shiite militia like Khataib Hezbollah.
Khataib Hezbollah has not had a presence in Kirkuk Province since 2014.
The Islamic State, however, had carried out three attacks relatively close to the base in the 10 days before the attack on K-1. Iraqi intelligence officials sent reports to the Americans in November and December warning that ISIS intended to target K-1, an Iraqi air base in Kirkuk Province that is also used by American forces.
These facts all point to the Islamic State, Iraqi officials say.
“All the indications are that it was Daesh,” said Brig. General Ahmed Adnan, the Iraqi chief of intelligence for the federal police at K-1, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State. “I told you about the three incidents in the days just before in the area — we know Daesh’s movements.
“We as Iraqi forces cannot even come to this area unless we have a large force because it is not secure. How could it be that someone who doesn’t know the area could come here and find that firing position and launch an attack?”
Khataib Hezbollah has denied responsibility for the attack, and no group has claimed it."
"Has Trump lost Iraq to Russia over his Drone Strike on Baghdad Airport?" (Cole).

"Decades After a Palestinian American Activist Was Assassinated in California, Two Suspects in His Killing Are Living Openly in Israel" (Sheen). Of course, goyim! Not only that, but still working on extreme right-wing settler causes.  Note Bibi's lying to protect them!

"Palestinians in Israel are the next target for the deal of the century". "The Big Missing Piece of the Kushner Plan: Water" (Johnson).  It's 'missing' because (((they))) intend to steal all the water, making the 'islands' uninhabitable, and driving all the troublesome inhabitants away..

Shekel news:  "Trump Admin "Threatened Me" After Rejecting Peace Plan: Erdogan" (Durden):
"“Turkey’s strong reaction forced some Arab countries to step back from their support for the plan. Unfortunately now, U.S. threatens me and my intelligence chief. In addition, some financial institutions in Turkey under threat. Do whatever you can, you won’t succeed,” Erdogan said, underscoring the nature of it as a direct personal threat."
"Aspects of Black anti-Semitism" (Joyce).  The Khazars wanted there to be no bail requirements, unless the victim was a Khazar, a tricky thing to put into legalese without sounding completely racist (!), but (((they)))'ve fixed the problem by using federal charges, which still require bail, on top of the state charges.

"When it comes to climate hypocrisy, Canada's leaders have reached a new low" (McKibben).  "RCMP Are Raiding Wet’suwet’en Land Defender Camps" (Berman/Winter).  "Canada police begin clearing Wet'suwet'en land defender camps" (Kestler-D'Amours). "Time to Rise Up: RCMP Invade Wet’suwet’en Territories" (subMedia).

"OPCW Report (Predictably) Smears Whistleblowers" (Knightly).

"Just A Little Sloppy Record-Keeping? The Pentagon's $35 Trillion 'Accounting Black Hole'" (Durden).  This $35 trillion didn't 'disappear' into thin air, some very rich people have it.  "The Art of the Deal, Pentagon-Style: Wars Without Victories, Weapons Without End" (Astore).

"As Warhawks Eye Iran, Iraq War has already cost the US nearly $2 trillion" (Crawford). Shame to be you, goyim!

"‘An appalling act of industrial vandalism’: Japanese officials do PR for plan to dump Fukushima water into ocean" (Germanos).

"Syrian Army Captured Saraqib. Netanyahu ‘N Erdogan to the Rescue" (South Front).   Erdoğan bluster - Crimea! - news: "Syrian Army’s Offensive in Idlib Deepens Rift Between Russia and Turkey" (Antonopoulos).  "Russia rejects Turkish narrative on Syria" (Bhadrakumar).  Tweet (Within Syria):
"Erdogan is spending the money of the Turkish people, even risking the lives of his own soldiers to save al-Qaeda in Idlib."
"What is behind the talk of Sudan-Israel normalisation?" (Barakat):
"At the recent meeting in Entebbe, Netanyahu appears to have promised General al-Burhan, who took over from al-Bashir, that he could convince US President Donald Trump to de-list Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Clearly, Netanyahu's claim is disingenuous and misleading. His track record suggests that his more likely aim is to repatriate some 4,500 Sudanese refugees who are currently in Israel."
In completely unrelated news, General al-Burhan has suddenly acquired one of the largest shekel collections in Africa.  Funny!:  "A recent scandal in which Sudanese men were recruited to work as security in the UAE but were instead sent to fight in Libya demonstrated the pitfalls of such engagement with the UAE."
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