Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Conclusive conspiracy in Iowa

Tweet (Alex Rubinstein):
"I can't believe all these conspiracy theorists arguing that the party that rigged the 2016 primaries would try to also rig the 2020 primaries. Do you even listen to yourselves?"
The good news is that the Sanders campaign was aware the Clintonistas were going to pull some crooked stunt, and thus made their own counts at each precinct.  The Clintonistas also shot their wad too early, no doubt terrified that Bernie would develop too much momentum, but will now find it much more difficult to cheat (not that they won't try). Those who immediately said don't call mere incompetence a conspiracy have been conclusively proved wrong - it was a clear, and rather dirty, conspiracy (and it is still going on, as the (((media))) continues to push The Narrative based on incomplete data).  On top of that, moderate voters who were concerned about Bernie's 'socialism' may now vote for him just to spite those who would disenfranchise them.  Finally, it is always good to see another conspiracy outed that is funded by, if you can believe it!, shekels.
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