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Ways of seeing

"Why Turkey won’t hitch Syrian wagon with US" (Bhadrakumar):
"Turkey harbours serious misgivings about the US intentions regarding Kurds. Ankara has failed to break the nexus between the US and the Kurdish militant groups and if anything, the Pentagon commanders are lately rather blasé about the axis. Therefore, Turkey cannot afford to put its eggs in the American basket when it comes to northeast Syria. 
Importantly, the suspicion is deep-rooted in the Turkish mind that the 2016 coup attempt against Erdogan by the movement led by Islamist preacher Fethullah Gülen (who lives in exile in the US since 1998) was supported by the US military and intelligence circles.
Meanwhile, US-Turkey relations may become toxic what with the US prosecutors in New York asking a federal judge on January 21 to impose escalating fines on Turkey’s state-owned Halkbank for failing to respond in court to criminal charges that it helped Iran evade US sanctions. The proposed fines on the bank is a $1 million-per-day fine – a penalty that would double for each week of further non-compliance. It could total $1.8 billion after eight weeks. 
The case against Halkbank has been a longstanding point of tension in the increasingly fraught relationship between Ankara and Washington. Some analysts estimate that it is the single most explosive issue that could blow up the Turkish-American relationship. 
If Halkbank decides to acquiesce and appear in court, the case will tarnish the reputation of the Erdogan government. The case implicates senior Turkish ministers, top Halkbank executives and even Erdogan and his family members as beneficiaries of the sanctions-busting efforts. 
On the other hand, if the Halkbank insists on its civil contempt of court, that might ultimately severe its ties with the US financial system, hurting not only the bank but also Turkey’s financial sector, and send Turkish-American relations into a free fall.
Can the Trump administration intervene in the Halkbank case and rescue Erdogan? That likelihood can also be ruled out in the downstream of the reported allegation by former NSA in the White House John Bolton in his upcoming memoirs that Trump who has a property in Turkey was inclined to grant favours to Erdogan."
The Turks know that Israel can't stop trying to use the Kurds to get Yinon, and thus their vassal, Assholia, can't be trusted not to do deals with the Kurds. Another wonderful example of how the most powerful empire in the world turns into a nothingburger due to vile Khazar blackmail and bribery, not to mention (((their))) characteristic lawfare.

Luckily for Assholia, the infinite number of Wars For The Jews are going smashingly well:  "How Goes the War?" (Robinson).  Note the huge, unreported by the (((media))) (of course), recent battle victory by the Houthis.

"Will Saudi Arabia ever End its Catastrophic War on Yemen?" (Lackner).  Not as long as MbS is still running things - the slaughter of civilians in Yemen seems to be a point of personal pride for MbS - and we don't see the head of MbS on a pike until the King dies.

More lawfare, ridiculous on the face of it - obviously, the only people who are responsible are the Khazars and the bribed and blackmailed Assholian politicians ordering illegal Wars For The Jews - but the Assholian legal system is so Jewed-up that this kind of thing is what passes for justice:  "An Unusual Lawsuit Against Iran" (Hornberger).

"Guess Who Was In Charge Of Reviewing Bolton's Leaked Book At The NSC?" (Durden).  The more we learn about the Swamp - and the attempted impeachment proceedings were useful in showing everybody just how bad it really is - the more ridiculous it appears.  Twins!  Of course, the Democrats now telling us that John Bolton is the most patriotic American who ever lived is also very enlightening.

"The Atatürk Path to Islāmic Modernity" (Hafiz).  Worth a try, as everything else continues to be a train wreck.

The worst sin you can commit is to misuse the Holocaust, which is supposed to be a way to herd the farm animals into assisting the Khazars in killing people and stealing their land, by presenting it as a universal moral/political lesson that might apply in other cases, including the worst such case of our time, the plight of the Palestinians:  "Outrage over Orla Guerin’s report shows what’s wrong with Holocaust remembrance" (Cohen).  "Weaponizing the Holocaust against Palestinians" (Ofir).

I should note that nobody actually cares about the ancient history known as the Holocaust. Nobody!  Not even the Khazars, who can't shut up about it. Just as 'anti-Semitism' used against Corbyn was code to refer to his lusty, and baffling, taking up of the principles of Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o (including open borders and waffling on Brexit, decisions which literally cost him the election, a huge tragedy), the 'Holocaust' is used as a cover to explain the actions of politicians who are really operating solely on the sacred principles of accepting shekels and being blackmailed as pedos.  There is literally no possible way to justify the crimes against humanity committed by the Khazar collective, so the Holocaust is used as a vague shield for the vile monsters for whom we vote.

"The Trump Impeachment: A Clash Between America’s Competing Elites?" (MacDonald):
"I believe the present political crisis should be seen as a struggle between our new, Jewish-dominated elite, stemming from the 1880–1920 First Great Wave of immigration, and the traditional white Christian majority of America, significantly derived from pre-Revolutionary colonial stock but augmented by subsequent white Christian immigration. This new elite, while influential prior to World War II, had increasing influence throughout the 1950s—typically seen as a rather placid decade of peace and prosperity, but in reality, a decade of intense Kulturkampf roiling just below the surface but bursting out periodically, most spectacularly with the controversies surrounding Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

The nascent elite defeated Sen. McCarthy, despite subsequent evidence that he was substantially right. Of course, it is simply a fact that the individuals caught up in the McCarthy accusations were disproportionately Jewish. McCarthy’s crusade may be regarded as the last gasp of traditional America. So the possible resurrection of traditional America under a populist President Trump was seen by our new elite as a catastrophe.

The new elite really came to power in the Counter-Culture Revolution of the 1960s, the decade that saw the enactment of the 1965 Immigration Act, opening up immigration to all the peoples of the world, and the Civil Rights Movement, which has now morphed into what amounts to anti-white identity politics.

I was on the Left during the 1960s. I’ve often said that if someone had asked me what America would look like in 50 years, I would have said it would be fairer, but I would not have envisioned the demographic transformation. Nor would I have anticipated the mushrooming of anti-white hate that has emerged in the elite media and academic world (see my Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition for a summary, pp. 446–448).

I have documented that this new elite is fundamentally Jewish, in the sense Jews have constituted its indispensable core. It has promoted attitudes on immigration, multiculturalism, foreign policy affecting Israel, and non-white and gender-based identity politics that have now reached unchallengeable consensus among elites in the U.S. and throughout the West. But they were prevalent in the mainstream Jewish community since well prior to the 1960s, contrasting strongly with the rest pre-1960s America.

For example, the organized Jewish community has promoted the interests of Israel since 1948, overcoming opposition of the former WASP foreign-policy Establishment that had dominated the U.S. State Department. 
Even more importantly, the Jewish community has been actively involved in opposing immigration restriction since the late nineteenth century and in promoting the ideology that America is a “Proposition nation’ open to all the world’s peoples.

As Professor Otis Graham commented on the Anti-Defamation League’s getting John F. Kennedy to put his name on a pro-immigration book in 1958 ghosted by one of its operatives:

The ADL, part of a Jewish coalition whose agenda included opening wider the American gates so that increasing U.S. ethnic heterogeneity would reduce the chances of a populist mass movement embracing anti-Semitism, had made a golden alliance. A Vast Social Experiment: The Immigration Act of 1965, NPG, October 30, 2005

Thus, despite the high-flown rhetoric, increasing immigration was really all about ethnic defense—by reducing the demographic, political, and cultural power of European-Americans (see also Chapter 7 of my Culture of Critique), as reflected in the attitudes of Jewish leaders going back to the 1920s.

Jewish organizations are now deeply involved in punishing people who dissent on immigration and other favored issues, as indicated by the example of TruNews [Inside the War to Take Away Our Free Speech, by Eric Striker,, January 21, 2020] This looks like a switch, but free speech is not at all a Jewish value, quite absent from traditional Jewish communities. And in the contemporary world, Jewish organizations, such as the ADL, and organizations with prominent Jewish funding and staff, such as the SPLC, have uniformly supported “Hate Crime” legislation throughout the West. Jewish groups in Europe have long advocated criminal penalties for “hate speech” and criticism of Israel, and they have succeeded in getting them enacted in the UK, Germany, France, and elsewhere.

In the U.S., these organizations have taken a lead role in getting dissidents de-platformed from social media and financial institutions, forming partnerships with Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft to combat “cyberhate,” including pressuring You Tube to remove accounts associated with the Alt Right. They have also been prominently involved in doxing dissidents, often resulting in loss of livelihood. Just recently, ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt testified in Congress that the social media companies were not doing enough to combat “hate speech,” and asked that Congress step in to rectify the problem—a clear violation of the First Amendment."
"So, given Trump’s lack of success in effecting fundamental change, why Schiff et al. expending so much energy in an impeachment scenario that has, by all accounts, no chance of actually removing Trump?

Because they can’t help themselves. I suggest that that the “visceral animosity” that I noted above is motivated by the parallels between Trump’s white working-class base and working-class support for National Socialism in 1930s Germany. This phenomenon was traumatic for Jewish intellectuals, who at the time were deeply immersed in classical class-struggle Marxism. It was of critical importance in motivating the shift pioneered by Frankfurt School toward conceptualizing Jewish interests in terms of race—that the real problem Jews faced was white ethnocentrism, the latter solvable only by propaganda efforts aimed at vilifying white racial identity (which soon became mainstream in the educational efforts of the Jewish activist community) and by importing non-whites in order to diminish white political power.

And, as always, this Jewish effort to nip Trump-style populism in the bud has been carried out with the great psychological intensity that is a general trait of Jewish activism. My observation is that among Jews there is a critical mass that is intensely committed to Jewish causes—a sort of 24/7, “pull out all the stops” commitment that produces instant, massive responses on Jewish issues. Jewish activism has a relentless, never-say-die quality. This intensity goes hand in hand with the “slippery slope” style of arguing: even the most trivial manifestation of anti-Jewish attitudes or behavior is seen as inevitably leading to mass murder of Jews if allowed to continue. (I discuss this at greater length in Understanding Jewish Influence I: Background Traits For Jewish Activism, The Occidental Quarterly, Summer 2003, pp 24-26.)
As Peter Novick described this attitude in The Holocaust in American Life 
There is no such thing as overreaction to an anti-Semitic incident, no such thing as exaggerating the omnipresent danger. Anyone who scoffed at the idea that there were dangerous portents in American society hadn’t learned ‘the lesson of the Holocaust.’

In the case of impeachment, this psychological intensity is motivated by the fear that Trump could be reelected and be in a much better position to effect fundamental change. Indeed, Adam Schiff made exactly that point during his remarks during the Senate trial. [ Schiff Tells Senators They Must Not Allow Trump to Run for Re-Election , CNSNEWS, January 24, 2020]

So is this a Jewish coup? Of course, such a claim needs qualification. The Democratic Party may have “tipped” demographically, but it still contains plenty of white gentiles. And there are Jews who are vigorously defending Trump, such as Jay Sekulow, who is on Trump’s personal legal team, and Stephen Miller, who remains a shining star in the administration’s efforts on immigration. Plus there are Jewish Trump donors noted above, although their driving interest in creating bipartisan support for Israel is typically combined with moving the GOP to the left on social issues, including immigration.

But yes, it is a Jewish coup. Indeed, the entire post-1965 regime should be regarded as a Jewish coup motivated by fear and loathing of the people and culture of pre-1965 white America."
"Ways of Seeing: Who Determines Your Reality?" (Publius).  Another summary of a ridiculous (((situation))).

"Portuguese banker named in Isabel dos Santos investigation found dead" (Blomfield).

"Meng Wanzhou extradition case embarrasses Canadian court, lawyer says, rejecting Huawei fraud claim" (Young).  Note the purest lawfare of the US argument, trying to dress up its enforcement of sanctions as 'fraud'.  This is an open and shut case, the only question being how corrupt the judge is.

"Ronald Reagan’s “October Surprise” Plot Was Real After All" (Marcetic):
". . . nearly seventeen years after the House October Surprise Task Force concluded that the whole idea was bunk, an outlet no less venerable than the New York Times has turned that conclusion on its head. Just three days out from a new decade, the Times published what in any other era would have been a bombshell story based on documents donated to Yale from the offices of David Rockefeller, the former chairman of Chase Manhattan Corporation.

Ostensibly a story about how Rockefeller and Chase worked behind the scenes to win their client, the repressive Shah of Iran, safe haven in the United States, this nugget appears about halfway through:

[T]he team around Mr. Rockefeller, a lifelong Republican with a dim view of Mr. Carter’s dovish foreign policy, collaborated closely with the Reagan campaign in its efforts to pre-empt and discourage what it derisively labeled an “October surprise” — a pre-election release of the American hostages, the papers show.

The Chase team helped the Reagan campaign gather and spread rumors about possible payoffs to win the release, a propaganda effort that Carter administration officials have said impeded talks to free the captives.

“I had given my all” to thwarting any effort by the Carter officials “to pull off the long-suspected ‘October surprise,’” Mr. Reed wrote in a letter to his family after the election, apparently referring to the Chase effort to track and discourage a hostage release deal. He was later named Mr. Reagan’s ambassador to Morocco.

“Mr. Reed” was Joseph Reed Jr, Rockefeller’s chief of staff, who mandated that the documents should stay sealed until Rockefeller’s death, which came in 2017. It’s not hard to see why.

Critics will quibble that these documents don’t prove the actual specifics of the long-alleged “October Surprise.” This is true. According to the Times, they don’t show Reagan striking a deal with the Iranians to delay the release of the American hostages until after the election, but simply working behind the scenes to thwart negotiations to free them. Perhaps someone out there exists who thinks this is better."

"Today's Blind Items - The Excuse" (CDaN).  For most of these guys, the whole Epstein-Mossad adventure was just a lark, a way of proving to themselves that conventional morality didn't apply to Masters Of The Universe like themselves, but, in the case of Randy Andy, I'm detecting a full-fledged paraphilia involving young girls.
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