Friday, February 07, 2020

Who do we have?

Trump must impose full sanctions on Iowa, including depriving children of essential medicines, until Iowa restores democracy, because if there is one thing I know Americans insist on, it's democracy.

Psychopaths:  "Israel uses civilian flight as shield to raid Damascus after Syrian troops liberate Saraqib".  Tweet (Aron Lund):
"Rare, angry statement from the Russian Defense Ministry accuses Israel of systematically exploiting the presence of civilian airliners to block air defenses when firing into Syria. Recalls the ministry's explanation for the IL-20 shootdown in 2018."
Tweet (Canadian Association of Journalists):
"The CAJ has verified numerous reports that the #RCMP have threatened to arrest #cdnmedia journalists at #Wetsuweten Territory for taking photos. We remind @BCRCMPMedia that Canada is not a police state. Police do not have the right to control what is published."
"Is Biden Really Pro-Labor? Daniel Lazare Retorts to Wayne Madsen " (Lazare).  I'm sure Madsen writes some of his articles and tweets while tripping.

Chile's protests are considerable, but invisible to the (((media))), as they are for the 'wrong' reasons and goals (depinochetization):  "Uprising in Chile is the Legacy of Dashed Hopes and Bitter Defeat" (Whitney).  "The Dramatic Fall of Chile as Latin America’s Neoliberal Role Model" (Ruiz Caro).  "The U.S.’ Monroe Doctrine Against South America Is Still Alive in the 21th Century" (Leiroz de Almeida).

"The People of Colombia are Cracking the Walls of War and Authoritarianism" (Podur).

Sure, it makes perfect sense that the Chinese would be working on a bio-weapon that only kills Chinese people!:  "Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent Darpa Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak" (Webb).  "Two Birds with One Flu: Coronavirus Weaponized Against China… and American Dissidents" (Buyniski).  Lyme disease (which appears to have been a mistaken release - who knew deer can swim?) and the anthrax attacks are the two big American government biowarfare attacks in recent years against its own people.

"Selecting an Ally from Oil Rich Countries" (Minor).  Old school Clinton corruption:  "Arkansas' Gray Money" (this kind of argument is still popular today, with, for example, Biden):
"Mark Swaney, the leader of the group, has vivid memories of being angrily accosted by the editor of a liberal newspaper, zealously defending Bill Clinton against these infidels. The veracity of the accusations, that Clinton may have had knowledge of CIA involvement with Mena was not the point, the editor insisted. If we don t have Clinton, who do we have?"
"“1917”: A Fateful Reference to the Scofield Reference Bible" (Brahmin).

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