Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Why aren't there more women in politics?

Because they are not the degenerate perverts that men are.  Therefore most of them can't be controlled through the use of MEGA-Group-style blackmail operations, which are the key to any kind of understanding of politics in the West (somebody like Killary is probably a degenerate pervert herself, and in any event is controlled through Bill).  Of course, they can by bribed - Pelosi didn't become a multi-millionaire on her diet of government cheese - but bribery by itself is tricky and dangerous.  Somebody might grow a conscience - unlikely, I know - and decide to stop taking the bribes, and thus stop the high treason that is supporting Wars For The Jews.  Even worse, they might report the identity of their briber.  Blackmail is necessary to ensure that the bribery is never reported, and that it continues to supply the otherwise astonishingly unlikely results.
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