Sunday, March 22, 2020

A brilliant success

Organized religion, particularly Orthodox Judaism and Christian Evangelism, are going to get everybody killed:  "Pastor Greg Locke says Facebook removed his Sunday service announcement for 'promoting a crime'" (Blair).  "Mayor: Trump Blocking Aid to New York CV19 ‘Hot Zone’- Where Most Infected are Jewish".

"Lack of Leadership at the Top During a Crisis" (Madsen).  "The Latest Plague So Far Is a Brilliant Success" (Karganovic).

"The IMF Abandons Venezuelans to the Threat of the COVID-19 Pandemic on a Political Decision" (Pagliccia).  "Iran’s IMF Request Shows Just How Desperate Tehran has Become" (Korybko, whose hobby horses make him almost too painful to read).  Of course, neither country held any hope that the Assholian-controlled stooges at the IMF would provide any loans.

"If You Still Think Corona Wasn't a US Plot Against China & Civil Liberties, Answer These Questions" (Bacon).  Assholes are certainly 'exceptional'.

"US must shut down its biowarfare labs to save the world from pandemics" and "9/11 Truth, Coronavirus Truth: Zionist Hysteria, MSM Lockdown" (Barrett).  The fact the Assholes have lost badly every single attempt to block the New Silk Road provides a powerful motivation for those used to being on top to pull out the dirty weapons.  I can see this as a joint American-Israeli operation, with Israel's attack directed at Iran (using the MEK).

The American plane situation is particularly striking when compared with the rest of the world.  No doubt interesting times ahead. As we've seen with so many of the political classes testing positive, it was this propensity of the Globo-homo-Rothschild-o jetsetters, flying round the world to pat each other on the back for being such an advanced group of motherfuckers, that led to this pattern of seeding.

The idea of 'Europe' is collapsing rapidly:  "Covid-19 Shatters the Facade of European Union".  "Germany Faces Backlash From Neighbors Over Mask Export Ban" (Dahinten/Wabl).

Forget about tp and hand sanitizer, the great American shortage is of rope:  "NYSE boss sold his own stock ahead of coronavirus market meltdown" (Gandel).

"Assad's annual amnesty for prisoners" (Lang).
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