Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A greasy spot in the back yard

"Covid-19 has exposed just how broken American economy & society are – a $2 trillion package alone won’t fix it" (Ritter).

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"This "bailout" going exactly like the last "bailout." Nothing was learned then & no one was held accountable, and the same will happen now without mass politics. The oligarchy is organized."
It's like coming across the scene of a terrible crime just after it has been cleaned up.  Everything looks normal, but you know nothing can ever be the same.

Tweet (Louis Allday):
"This is absolutely desperate. The US’ response is China’s fault now apparently."
Tweet (Julian Borger):
"According to Der Spiegel, the G7 foreign ministers haven't been able to agree on a joint statement because of Pompeo's insistence it refer to #coronavirus as the "Wuhan virus". Pompeo did not deny that this morning - said G7 don't agree on everything"
"As virus recedes in China, anti-Xi revolt is spreading" (Chen).  Maybe there is more to it, but one Xi hater, and a letter, does not a revolt make.  We're seeing all this stuff because Xi makes Trump, and by extension, all of Assholia, look like an incompetent buffoon.

"12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic", or, when 'alt' journalism sounds like Trump.  I get the gist - we could avoid a lot of bother if we just ice floe the olds.  If we stopped spending any money on diseases that old people get, or fat people get, or people with fucked-up genes get, we could save a heap of money.  Actually, modern medicine is a complete waste of money when you think about it, as all it does at best is buy us a few years.  It is even worse than that when young people are saved, as we're just propagating faulty genetics.  Let'em all die!

Quite the essay from a very conservative Catholic:  "The Coronavirus and the Culture War" (Jones).  Is it possible that quarantining makes the problem worse, by forcing closer prolonged contact?

A nice going out of business present from a grateful country to its American defilers (btw, the area in and around Alberta where there is oil is always called, in Canada, the 'oilpatch', as if it is a greasy spot in the back yard):  "Help for Canadian oilpatch coming in 'hours, possibly days,' finance minister promises" (Seskus).

To be fair, it will buy some really nice yachts:  "$5 Trillion Down The Drain" (Moore).

Third-world financing for a third-world country:  "Michael Hudson: A Brady Bond Solution for America’s Unpayable Corporate Debt".

War For The Jews or a health care system?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  "The UK will spend over £350bn on extravagant military projects while failing to ensure national health security" (Curtis).  The virus is Clarifying.

"Its coronavirus response provides more evidence of Israel’s racism" (Dalloul).  I die so many times a day of amazement . . .

Tweet (Whitney Webb):
"Besides insider trading revelations, some other govt insiders joined the advisory boards of companies set to benefit from the covid-19 outbreak right before extent of crisis was made public.
Example - former head of VA David Shulkin (see below)"
"How Far Will Trump Go To Save U.S. Shale" (Geiger).  A CIA coup against MbS?

The economists call it 'moral hazard', a problem which only affects the poors:  "Woman Responds To Companies Failing Because Of Coronavirus By Saying The Same Things Poor People Hear" (Jasevičiūtė).

Tweet (Crescent Radio):
""So Prince Charles is self isolating with Covid-19 and Prince Andrew is self isolating with Emily-15"."
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