Saturday, March 28, 2020

And just like that

"As world hunkers down, Trump moves full-speed against US foes" (Tandon).  "It Is A Time Of Crisis And U.S. Foreign Policy Is Becoming Unhinged" (Moon).  Trump, busy with the virus, and, more importantly, with getting government cheese for his failing businesses, has obviously delegated all foreign affairs to the Fat Fuck, with the predictable disastrous consequences.

"Trump admin’s $15 million bounty on Maduro triggers explosive confession of violent Guaidó plot" (Flores).  The biggest joke about this is that the Americans included the very anti-Maduro general on their list, presumably at the instance of Guido, and Guido may finally find himself in jail because of the anti-government conspiring coming out as a result of the bounty.

This is surprising:  "Coronavirus hastens an Arab rapprochement" (Bhadrakumar).  Assad and MbZ.

Yesterday was almost certainly the largest single-day theft in world history.

"The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Is a $2 Trillion Slush Fund for Washington Cronies" (Auerback).

Tweet (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez):
"And just like that, the Congressional oversight provisions for the 1/2 TRILLION dollar Wall St slush fund (which were *already* too weak) are tossed away the day the bill is signed.  
This is a frightening amount of public money to have given a corrupt admin w/ 0 accountability."
Tweet (Marcus Stanley):
"There’s an outrageous lack of controls on the huge amount of corporate assistance provided in Section 4003 of the just passed stimulus bill. (1/9)"
Canada has done so badly at testing that all the Canadian political class should go to jail for decades for treason. Still, ten times better than the Assholes (who, I'm afraid, are in for a horrible surprise): tweet (Fuzzy Wuzzy):
"Canada has tested 185,000 people. About the same as (or a little more) than the U.S.  But we have 1/10 the population. America is failing miserably."
Tweet (southpaw):
"Thanks, David Geffen, for your thoughts."
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