Monday, March 02, 2020

Animal emojis

Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"Warren campaign admits that their goal is to steal the nomination from Bernie through corrupt deals at the convention. But remember, it was a grave moral crisis when some Bernie supporters online tweeted animal emojis"
I've been thinking how much the Democrats fucked themselves with this superdelegate nonsense. In a normal situation, Warren would have already dropped out, thrown her support to somebody, and whoever that was would thereby grow in stature. The whole process is supposed to build up the eventual nominee by building both excitement, and a consensus, around the eventual nominee.  That's why the whole process is staggered over months. As it is, there's no reason for anybody to drop out, and staying in keeps you in a more likely position to be undemocratically crowned by the superdelegates. The '((('donors'))) have reason to stick with the most unlikely candidates because the longest odds could still pay off.  I'll bet that the only reason Buttigieg dropped out is because somebody - Bloomberg - paid him to.  Now we're headed to a situation where Bernie gets shivved on the convention floor, again, but this time his supporters leave the party, and Trump then rolls over the eventual nominee, as actual voters just don't care for the decisions of the Clintonista back rooms, or the fact they have been disenfranchised, without even a concern from party bigwigs that the optics of the process are disgusting.

The Biden campaign gaffs are starting to remind me of the similar situation with the doomed Bob Dole campaign.

"Wet'suwet'en chiefs, ministers reach proposed agreement in pipeline dispute".  With two things established:
  1. natives now know they can put powerful pressure on Ottawa by blocking trains in eastern Ontario;
  2. there's a new popular aboriginal-environmentalist alliance in Canada, as everybody is sick and tired of Alberta wrecking the world for the profits of American oil companies and venture capitalists.
"A who's who of the Wet'suwet'en pipeline conflict" (Baker).

Tweet (Anna Chen):
"Tiresomely predictable of @wapo, just as China’s seen to be more competent & conscientious on coronavirus, WaPo regurgitates debunked Uighur lies from notorious End-of-Times Adrian Zenz. The more Trump screws up, the more we see of this. #COVID19"
Every government involved in this is lying to understate the problem.  There's actually good public policy reasons for this - panic is not helpful,  The upshot is that it is impossible to know what is really going on. The Chinese actions were exemplary (though we constantly hear the opposite from the usual Assholian firsters who want to use this as more PR). South Korea started off wrong, but turned it around fast with an impressive display of public heath bureaucracy.  Japan has showed some of the bureaucratic inefficiency/incompetence that is troubling, especially with the world-impacting nuclear problem.  Iran is hobbled, as usual, by the immoral Sanctions For The Jews.

"330 Million Residents Times 1 Facemask Per Day = 10 Billion Masks Per Month" (Sailer).  Someone with an early vaccine would have the ability to put even more pressure on Trump:  "Coronageddon: Can a "Minsky Moment" be Avoided?" (Whitney).  "Israelis Claim They’ll Have a Coronavirus Vaccine Developed in the Next Few Weeks" (Rogers):
"Certainly, if the coronavirus was part of Israel’s biological weapon stockpile, it would explain why they’d be able to develop a vaccine so quickly. That’s because they would already have at minimum, some type of working understanding of it, or maybe even a pre-existing working vaccine or cure."
 "Your Man in the Public Gallery – Assange Hearing Day Four" (Murray).  Detailed legal analysis.  It doesn't much matter what good legal arguments you have if the judge is crooked, and she seems completely unable or unwilling to demonstrate anything but bias.

"Assange lawyers’ chambers’ connection to conman Wm Browder causes concern" (Komisar).  You could argue that Fitzgerald is putting all his eggs in a basket which the judge has already indicated she is going to smash.

(((AIPAC))) news:  "AIPAC Conference Disrupted by People Telling the Jews to Stop Killing Arabs to Steal Their Land" (Anglin).  The (((lite Zionists))) make their token appearance.

(((Black Cube))) news (a warning to the next revolt of the shiksas):  "Key Witness In Harvey Weinstein Trial Hit By Car And Hospitalized" (Vibes).

(((MEGA Group))) news:  "Blind Items Revealed #5" (CDaN).  Wexner.  "It probably didn't hurt that the soon to step down CEO is ponying up $20M in campaign contributions to make sure no digging is done."

(((Wars For The Jews))) news:  "Trump Spending $1.2 Trillion a year on War, with Nothing to Show for It" (Smithberger).

(((Wars For The Jews))) news (it's lucky my computer came preinstalled with an endless supply of ((()))):  "Mr President! Pompeo wants a US War in Syria!" (Lang).  Lucky that the US election campaign means Trump doesn't want a War For The Jews now.

"Afghan peace comes with caveats but can’t be snuffed out" (Bhadrakumar).

"Did Turkey Just Sacrifice Their Own Troops to Protect Al-Qaeda?" (Ehret). The 'Turkish troops' seem to be mostly militias of jihadists assembled in Turkey and trucked en masse into Syria, but is is indubitably true - and amazing! - that Turkey is unabashedly supporting al Qaeda.

"Foreign jihadis playing a big role in Syria’s Idlib" (Cobban).

"Toxic Agriculture and the Gates Foundation" (Todhunter).  What you'd expect if you put a mass eugenicist, somebody who thinks African population levels are the biggest world problem, in charge of public health and agriculture in Africa.

"Trudeau’s extraordinary campaign to overthrow Maduro" (Engler).  'Extraordinary' is the word.  We're in the period of Canadian history where things keep happening - at the instance of Beardboy and, especially, The Nazi (what's she doing in the picture when she has nothing to do with this, officially, as she is no longer the minister in charge?) - things so depraved and illogical that it is literally impossible to imagine them occurring under any former Liberal government.  Canada has always had a role to play as the 'good cop' to the American 'bad cop', smoothing the waters and slightly reducing the cruelty of Assholian polices to Latin America.  This was even good for the hegemon.  Now, under the pressures of the accelerating weakening of the hegemon, it's suddenly been thrown out the window, along with any credibility as a neutral party Canada once had.

"Canadian Media Lies About Venezuela" (Bodine).  Evan Dyer appears to be the son of great Canadian political writer Gwynne Dyer, which would be tragic genetic deterioration,. in line with all the other deterioration we keep seeing.

On the French colonialist grant of Syrian territory to Turkey, against geographic realities, the writing about which by Sputnik may have got some Sputnik journalists temporarily detained in Turkey (the Turks are particularly sensitive about such things, given the fact half their country is actually Kurdish territory): "The Gateway To Idlib Goes Via Cilica" (Kadi):
"The Sykes/Picot Accord did not only split up the Fertile Crescent, but when France decided to give Syria’s region of Cilicia to Turkey, it actually kept Turkey in total possession of the mountain range. The current international northern borders of Syria with Turkey are now way south of the Taurus Mountains. Moreover, the actual Cilician Gates are now within the territory of Turkey when geographically, strategically and historically they have always constituted the border between the two."
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