Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Anything goes

"Last night Julian Assange called me. Here is what we talked about" (Varoufakis):
"Julian wanted to talk about the effects of Covid-19 on the world we live in and, of course, on his case. He remarked that Jeremy Corbyn’s election manifesto, that the establishment had lambasted for being too radical, now seems unreasonable moderate. We laughed at the audacity of those who were telling the people of Britain that it was irresponsible to spend a few tens billions on providing proper funding to the NHS and social care for all, on turning broadband into a public utility, and on taking the railways into public ownership to make them work properly – the very same people who, now that big business and capitalism more generally, are in serious trouble seem to have discovered the money tree, announcing trillions to be pumped into the economy. Julian did not know (how could he, when the prison authorities deny him access to newspapers, the internet, even to BBC Radio 4?) that Boris Johnson had, earlier yesterday, announced the temporary nationalisation of the railways – seeing that privateers can never provide a decent service in the midst of a national emergency.
After a few minutes during which we allowed ourselves to bask in the neoliberals’ Waterloo, in the hands of some RNA that the system could simply not cope with without abandoning all its certainties, we discussed what this means for the future. Julian said, quite correctly, that this new phase of the crisis is, at the very least, making it clear to us that anything goes – that everything is now possible. To which I added that anything ranges from the best to the worst possible developments. Whether the epidemic helps deliver the good or the most evil society will depend, of course, on us – on whether progressives manage to band together. For if we do not, just like in 2008 we did not, the bankers, the spivs, the oligarchs and the neofascists will prove, again, that they are the ones who know how not to let a good crisis go to waste."
Tweet (Louis Allday):
"As The Atlantic is pumping out imperialist garbage so rapidly of late, now seems a good time to remember that its Editor in Chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, was an IDF guard in a notoriously brutal prison for Palestinian political prisoners and that he personally assaulted detainees."
"After Richard Burr’s Coronavirus Scandal, Will the Government Finally Crack Down on Congressional Insider Trading?" (Taibbi).

Tweets by T.K. of AAK! on the problem of South Korean doctors.  I think this is a fairly common issue.  People would prefer the fantasy that doctors actually care about patient health.

"Boeing, Which Demands A $60BN Taxpayer Bailout, Refuses To Give US An Equity Stake" (Durden).  Why should they, when they can just kick back some of the free government cheese to the crooked Congress to ensure it is not required of them?

We're being told by the (((media))) that Pelosi is being blackmailed by McConnell - nothing for the poors unless the 0.01% gets all the free government cheese they can fit in their gullets.  Shouldn't it be the other way around - no bailouts unless permanent changes are made benefiting everybody else, like paid sick leave, proper compensation (minimum wage), looking after rent and debt payments, and monetary compensation that is more than an insult?  Pelosi consistently allows the debate to be framed in this way as she doesn't give a shit about anybody other than the 0.01%.  This should be a time to insist on a complete reconstruction of the crooked system, but it is being squandered.

"Time to Rein in the Potent Virus Called “The Super Rich”" (Farruggio).  Tweet (Mike Prysner):
"The billionaire class could never make another cent in profits again and would still live the rest of their lives in wealth & luxury we can’t even imagine. Yet they want to kill us making us go back to work just so they don’t lose one month of profit"
Tweet (Gavin Shoebridge):
"In Italy today, a priest decided to live-stream a mass due to COVID-19. Unfortunately he activated the video filters by mistake."
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