Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Applauded and cheered themselves

Good way to start:  "Europe sends medical supplies to Iran in first INSTEX transaction: Germany".

"Firing of Whistleblowing Emergency Room Doctor Ming Lin By Blackstone-Owned TeamHealth Demonstrates Outsized Role of Private Equity in Hospital Staffing" (Smith).  "Hospitals Tell Doctors They’ll Be Fired If They Speak Out About Lack of Gear" (Carville/Court/Brown).  I thought that sort of thing was China's big problem, certainly not a problem in the land of the 'free', Assholia.

The Nazi, if you can believe it, doesn't like commie doctors from Cuba meddling around, providing the medical help she won't provide, in her reservations:  tweet (Aylan (AY like Day - LAN like LandBack) Couchie):
"This is bullshit. If the Chiefs felt Canada’s response capability would be adequate they wouldn’t have asked.
Canada would have to publicly admit - to the world- that they’ve kept some FN communities living in third world conditions if this happened. This is a gross coverup."
"The Virus of Sanctions: Flattening the Curve" (Capaccio). Excellent arguments, but the Jews got the tapes, man. What could I do?  I'd go to jail!  I'd be ruined!

"Sweeping Stimulus Law Is Golden Opportunity for Scam Artists" (Seiden).  In a way, this is quibbling, as the whole damn thing is a scam.

"Fool Me Once…" (Farruggio).  And it's none other than Mnuchin - sorry, spelling mistake, (((Mnuchin))) - who gets to hand out the latest grift checks to the 0.1%, essentially on his own say-so!  You have to laugh.

"UAE’s Rapprochement With Syria Aimed Against Turkey" (Antonopoulos).  Makes sense, as Erdoğan is the bull in the china shop, whose bellicose unpredictability is making everybody nervous.

Tweet (David Graeber) ('austerity' hasn't aged well, especially as it looked like shit at the time):
"not only that they actually applauded and cheered themselves voting down the pay increase"
"Portugal Grants Citizens’ Rights to Migrants During Pandemic".

Wrongthink tech:  "AI Mind-Reading Technology with 97% Accuracy Rate Can Translate Brain Activity Into Words" (Pomidor Quixote).  Ideally, they'll be able to scan you and execute you with one convenient machine.

Anglin, on the road to mainstream respectability, explains it was all a joke (I'd be more interested in what his employer, the Jew weev, has to say):  "Jews are Very Concerned About Christian Anti-Semitism".  I expect Anglin will take over Tucker's job when Tucker has to leave to be 47.
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