Thursday, March 05, 2020


"Salisbury poisoning unleashed Russian bogeyman … but where are the Skripals 2 years on?" (Rite).  "The Skripal Case – Two Years On" (Off-Guardian).

"Ukrainian Court Throws Wrench Into Joe Biden's 2020 Election Plans" (Solomon).  "Biden treated Ukraine ‘as his private property’, says purged prosecutor Shokin on Burisma scandal – UkraineGate documentary".  Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"Hey remember when we were told that Ukraine announcing an investigation of Joe Biden would threaten the sanctity of our pristine election? Well guess what, Ukraine just opened an investigation of Biden and what do you know, it barely made a blip: "
"Biden was Polling at 9% in Massachusetts, Allegedly Won with 33%" (Anglin).  The polls were way off in favor of Bernie in many of the states Biden 'won'.  There is absolutely no reason to assume the utterly corrupt DNC didn't put the fix in.

"In the Democratic primary, the smoke-filled back room is back" (Willmann):
"As a coincidence theorist, when I heard yesterday that Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and Tom Steyer were dropping out of the Democratic presidential primary -- all before today's big primary election -- the message was brazen and open:  the operators in and around the establishment Democratic Party had made their move and the primary is now a charade.
Klobuchar, Buttigieg, and Steyer spent a lot of time and effort in the campaign, and then (coincidentally) dropped out before the very important Super Tuesday primary election!  Normally, you would continue pushing until the end of this big day and then make an announcement, if you chose to do so.
To some extent, this is deja vu all over again from the 2008 Democratic primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  After Obama was doing well, she refused to drop out.  I read that there was a meeting or conference call with Democratic Party people, and Hillary was told how the cow ate the cabbage.  She pulled back some with her campaign and at the convention any delegates she had did not get in the way of Obama.  A political deal obviously was involved and revealed itself when she was appointed by Obama to be Secretary of State."
"Who or What Started the Wuhan Coronavirus Epidemic?" (Hall) (what follows this excerpt is an enormous litany of hinky recent events involving medical research and researchers):
"One of the primary areas of professional contention arising from the COVID-19 crisis involves the close connections between biological research aimed at finding preventions and cures for diseases and research aimed at creating biological weapons. Biological weapons can be designed with the goal of bringing about indiscriminate mass murder. They can also be used to bring about the targeted murder of specific human populations sharing common genetic attributes.

Gradually a portion of the public is becoming aware that a conflict of interests exists between the military and public health applications of the microbiology field within the so-called life sciences. How many practitioners of the so-called life sciences are really devoting themselves to the death sciences? The public has reason to question, for instance, the procedures involved in the production of vaccines by an industry with one foot in the health care field and another foot in military research.

Why should the public not fear that some practitioners in the field of microbiology might confuse their dual responsibilities in projects aimed at both saving and killing people? What is to be said of the development of vaccines, in some cases by the same people involved in genetically engineering the very diseases that vaccines are meant to protect against?

Similarly, why should the public trust that we are being well served by systems of research primarily driven by the quest for lucrative patents to enrich their owners? Why shouldn’t the public suspect that we are being used as guinea pigs in experiments on human beings that continue to be perpetuated in the course of applied medical research regardless of the prohibitions that have been enacted? Did the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic begin as an experiment on human subjects that got out of control?

How many times can the public trust be betrayed before the habit ceases of giving possible professional offenders, including those in white lab coats, the benefit of the doubt? Where does the protection of the public interest and the common good fit into this complex and internally contradictory picture?

Where is there genuine accountability to a public required to support with our tax dollars scientific research that can result in both good and bad outcomes? Why does the financial return on this public investment so often end up in corporate and private hands whereas the liabilities and collateral damages accrued are expected to be absorbed by the public?"
"8% of Iran's parliament has tested positive for coronavirus, official says" (Mostaghim).  Other cases are curiously distributed right across the country, as if they were seeds planted in many different places.  What appears to be a direct attack on the Iranian parliament, plus the distribution of the attacks, makes it look like an intentional biowarfare attack, perhaps spread by MEK 'Typhoid Marys'. They can't tell us the race of the victims - as that would be racisssssssss - but I assume most of the victims outside China are also Chinese, and I wonder if this attack in Iran is a slightly modified virus, with the attack hidden behind the bigger attack against China.  On the other hand, maybe being on the Silk Road left behind some common genes.

"1983 CIA Document Reveals Plan To Destroy Syria, Foreshadows Current Crisis" (Turbeville).  Graham Fuller!

"Empires of the Steppes Fuel Erdogan Khan’s Dreams" (Escobar).

"Russian Defense Ministry: EAQ (Erdogan Al Qaeda) merged with Turkish ‘Observation Posts’-Now Legitimate Targets for Russian Aerospace Forces".  EAQ!

"Damascus and Haftar’s Libyan National Army Deepen Ties, Share Hatred of Turkey" (South Front).  "Assad Joins Forces With Libya's Haftar To Combat Turkey" (Ditz).

"U.S. Breaks Its Just Signed Agreement With The Taliban" (Moon).  "Within days of Afghan “peace” deal, US bombs Taliban" (Van Auken). Very powerful forces, both swamp and ((())), don't want to see an end to any War For The Jews, as it sets a tragic precedent.  Trump is trying, though:  "Trump puts Taliban deal back on track" (Bhadrakumar).

"Groups linked to oil companies funded Facebook ads denouncing the rail blockades" (Rocha/Yates/Bellemare).  Didn't work, might have actually backfired.

"Ottawa’s offer to recognize Wet’suwet’en land rights could be a game-changer for Canada. Here’s how" (Ballinghall).  They're working on more nuanced concepts of 'title' and 'ownership'.  Of course, there's lots of possibilities of types of land ownership from English common law that are less that the absolute ownership in fee simple.

This is the kind of analysis made possible by Assange that propels the CIA's persecution of him:  "CIA has been hacking China for 11 YEARS, says Chinese cybersecurity firm citing Vault 7 leak".

My proposed game show 'Jew, or Psychopath?' remains unproduced as nobody has been able to tell the difference between the two:  "Human shield tactics again? ‘Israeli jets’ striking Syria force TWO civilian planes to change course".
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