Monday, March 16, 2020

Engineered Chaos

"Massive Trump Fail: DHS Creating Infection Hotzones in Engineered Airport Chaos".

This is starting to look like a planned cull.

"Why Britain’s Coronavirus Strategy is Literally One of the Most Insane Things in Modern History" (haque).  When the shit goes down, and grandpa dies a horrible, unnecessary death, I hope the Brits remember who is responsible for Boris over Jeremy - yep, Khazars, and their kleptomania.

Australia, another place run by right-wing lunatics, as became evident during the fires:  "How herd immunity may be the key to the virus crisis" (Margo).

Tweet (T.K. of AAK!):
"I'm not a doctor or anything, but this UK response seems insane. How is this not a surrender?"
I've noticed many local restaurants announcing closing, the more marginally solvent ones probably permanently, after they noticed they wouldn't have enough customers to pay their staff (some actually came out with long screeds on what they were doing for customer safety, usually involving hand sanitizers (!) only to almost immediately announce closure).  Many of the ones that remain open have declared they will no longer take cash, meaning the banksters have got them to start enforcing the anti-cash conspiracy which is supposed to lead to everybody requiring bank accounts to function, and which point the banksters can start announcing heavy negative interest rates to suck all the money out they can.  Those restaurants should be put on your permanent boycott list.  As usual, the psychos will not pass up any crisis they can use to their advantage.

Tweet (Anthony LaMesa):
"Norwegian university is warning students to return from countries like the U.S. with "poorly developed collective infrastructure," where it's hard to reach an airport, "if you don't have a car," or access health care "if you do not have health insurance.""
Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"The US simply refuses to cooperate with the world to combat Coronavirus, especially China and Cuba (the countries leading the effort and best positioned to help) because of antiquated Cold War rivalries. Would be laughable if it wasn't so infuriating."
Tweet (Walker Bragman) (one of the great mysteries of our time, and extremely Clarifying, is how many Americans who consider themselves to be of the 'left' still think Warren is one of them!):
"In the middle of a pandemic that may well kill hundreds of thousands of Americans, Elizabeth Warren can’t decide between the candidate fighting for universal health care and the candidate who suggested he’d veto it."
"China Sends Medical Experts to Support Italy and Spain’s Fight Against Coronavirus" (Sweeney).

"Jews Panic Over Accusations that the Coronavirus Pandemic is a Jewish Plot" (Rogers).  Note the undeniable connections between Big Pharma and the murderous Sanctions For The Jews:  "Bigpharma’s Role: U.S. Sanctions Lead to Global Rise in Coronavirus" (Flounders).  On Black, see also:  "Trump Administration Siding With Former Obama Aide at U.N. to Protect Industry Profits" (Dayen) and "Buttigieg Backed by Pharma Lobbyist Who Sought Drug Price Hikes in Poor Countries" (Finkelstein).

"Not from the Babylon Bee: Isis Issues Coronavirus Travel Advice—Terrorists Should Avoid Europe" (Sailer).
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