Sunday, March 01, 2020

Flexible first strike

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) (also):
"Bernie Sanders continues -- unexpectedly -- to compile impressive and very compelling endorsements from New York Times columnists:"
'Journalists' are so far out of touch that they don't realize their endorsements are the kiss of death, and their anti-endorsements are the nicest thing anybody could say about a politician.  As usual, don't notice all the ((())), which are completely irrelevant, goyim.

Aaron Maté thread on the moral and intellectual deterioration of Democracy Now.  Can you imagine what Americans would say on September 12, 2001 if you told them the (((media))), twenty years later, was going all out to protect al Qaeda?!

"The threat of a nuclear war between the US and Russia is now at its greatest since 1983" (Ritter).  It's amazing this is completely because Putin won't stop helping Syria de-terrorize.  You might have missed this:
"US Air Force Gen. Tod D Wolters told the Senate this week he “is a fan of flexible first strike” regarding NATO’s nuclear weapons, thereby exposing the fatal fallacy of the alliance’s embrace of American nuclear deterrence policy.
It was one of the most remarkable yet underreported exchanges in recent Senate history. Earlier this week, during the testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee of General Tod Wolters, the commander of US European Command and, concurrently, as the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR) also the military head of all NATO armed forces, General Wolters engaged in a short yet informative exchange with Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican from the state of Nebraska. 
Following some initial questions and answers focused on the alignment of NATO’s military strategy with the 2018 National Defense Strategy of the US, which codified what Wolters called “the malign influence on behalf of Russia” toward European security, Senator Fischer asked about the growing recognition on the part of NATO of the important role of US nuclear deterrence in keeping the peace. “We all understand that our deterrent, the TRIAD, is the bedrock of the security of this country,” Fischer noted. “Can you tell us about what you are hearing…from our NATO partners about this deterrent?
Wolters responded by linking the deterrence provided to Europe by the US nuclear TRIAD with the peace enjoyed on the European continent over the past seven decades. Fischer asked if the US nuclear umbrella was “vital in the freedom of NATO members”; Wolters agreed. Remarkably, Wolters linked the role of nuclear deterrence with the NATO missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere outside the European continent. NATO’s mission, he said, was to “proliferate deterrence to the max extent practical to achieve greater peace.”
Then came the piece de resistance of the hearing. “What are your views, Sir,” Senator Fischer asked, “of adopting a so-called no-first-use policy. Do you believe that that would strengthen deterrence?
General Wolters’ response was straight to the point. “Senator, I’m a fan of flexible first use policy.
Under any circumstance, the public embrace of a “flexible first strike” policy regarding nuclear weapons employment by the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe should generate widespread attention. When seen in the context of the recent deployment by the US of a low-yield nuclear warhead on submarine-launched ballistic missiles carried onboard a Trident submarine, however, Wolters’ statement is downright explosive. Add to the mix the fact the US recently carried out a wargame where the US Secretary of Defense practiced the procedures for launching this very same “low yield” weapon against a Russian target during simulated combat between Russia and NATO in Europe, and the reaction should be off the charts. And yet there has been deafening silence from both the European and US press on this topic."
Tweet (Craig Murray):
"Twitter Suppression - The tweeting out of my reports for days 1, 2 and 3 of Assange case each reached 170,000 to 190,000 people. Then suddenly day 4 report reached just 50,000. Please rt but also write your own tweet including link to my day 4 report"
More Jack:  "Twitter & Bloomberg campaign accused of censoring tweets with Epstein docs, fueling claims billionaire linked to dead pedophile".

"Manitoba First Nations leaders visit Cuba to discuss health collaboration"(McKendrick).  "Southern Chiefs go to Cuba to get health care advice" (Aldrich).

"Turkey: How One Country Destroyed Their Own Air Force" (Peck).  No air support for Erdoğan's thieving plans for Syria.

We went there because we were invited by the people of Syria. We don’t intend to leave before the people of Syria say, ‘Okay, this is done’”!

Looking at the comments to the Giraldi piece, I remember there used to be a commentator here named 'Sean McBride' who also tried to hasbara the place up, and encouraged me to start lying to make the blog more popular!  Added:  there's a lot of additional material in the comments confirming the Rich thesis, from multiple sources, including by Hersh in the hobo comment.  If you add the implausibility of a robbery becoming a murder, where nothing is taken, and all the electronic sleuthing, and Assange's broad hints, I really don't think there is much question that Rich, not Russia, was the source.

Tweet (Nathaniel St. Clair):
"If Michael Bloomberg had won the presidency in 2016 as a Republican—which he could have—the Democratic Party could very well be trying to run Donald Trump against him now. Why not?

The only differences between them are differences of style."
"Jewish Crypsis in American Buddhism" (Joyce):
"If I told you I’d been reading the teachings of Ram Dass, Puma Chodron, Krishna Das, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Surya Das, Zen Master Bon Seong, Thubten Chodron, and Zen Master Wu Kwang, it would probably bring to mind images of bald Tibetans, bearded Hindus, and inscrutable East Asians. Your mind would drift to exotic destinations, and dimly lit temples, far from the hustle and bustle of the American city. Such is the magic of names, and changing one’s name really can be a form of intellectual and social sleight of hand. Just ask the real individuals behind these names — Richard AlpertDeirdre Blomfield-BrownJeffrey KagelJeffrey BlockJeffrey MillerJeff KitzesCheryl Greene, and Richard Shrobe — urban leftist Jews who reinvented themselves as the founders and leading sages of American Buddhism. These figures are just part of a story that began when, in Chicago in 1893, Charles T. Strauss, a Jewish hat maker, became the first non-Asian person in the United States to convert to Buddhism. Today, it is conservatively estimated that around 30 percent of non-Asian Buddhists in America are ethnically Jewish, and many of these are in leadership positions over the remaining 70%, composed mainly of Americans of European descent.[1]"
"As “Buddhist” teachers and gurus, Jews can of course obtain very high levels of White convert obedience and commitment while obscuring the precise nature of their activities. Changes of name, common in conversions to Buddhism, further obscure links between the American “Buddhist” hierarchy, making Jewish ethnic nepotism, and Jewish dominance of the movement’s origins and leadership, less obvious. For example, a promotion by a Wu Kwang of a Surya Das will raise fewer eyebrows than a Joseph Goldstein promotion of a Joshua Goldberg. The end result is that Jews have been able to very rapidly obtain a large number of priest-like spiritual roles over Whites without any of the awkward hurdles in Christianity. Unlike the historical situation in the Catholic Church, Jews have been able to saturate leadership roles in Buddhism very quickly, without suspicions, without demanding studies and examinations of theology, and without making religious declarations that run counter to Judaism. Due to the decentralized nature of Buddhism and its reliance on a system of teaching “lineages” (spiritual authority is often passed down via “direct face-to-face Dharma transmission” between master and student) all Jews had to do was insert themselves into these lineages (under the right masters) at the right time (the “oy vey school” of the 1950s and 1960s) and they could direct the future of American Buddhism thereafter, both by establishing its infrastructure, by selecting its future co-ethnic gurus via “Dharma transmission” and by expelling dissenters from their anti-White activist agenda. Thus we see many stories like that of contemporary “Zen Master” Zoketsu Norman Fischer, who describes himself as a “Dharma heir” in the lineage of Sojun Mel Weitsman.
The White Buddhist convert scene has also been a rather putrid soil for cult-like behaviors and sexual misconduct and abuse. Even before Jews swamped early Western Buddhism, huge numbers of the early Asian gurus were involved in the sexual grooming of their White followers (e.g. see hereherehere, and here). Homosexuals have likewise used the White Buddhist convert scene for depraved purposes. Confirming a credo of mine that it’s never a good idea to permit non-Whites, gays, and Jews to possess any position of authority, one of the most recent scandals has involved “American Buddhist” Noah Levine. Levine is the son of Stephen Levine, a Jewish associate of Ram Dass (Jewish psychologist Richard Alpert), and part of the same coterie as Kornfield, Goldstein, and Salzberg. Noah Levine was taught “Buddhism” by Kornfield, and subsequently went on to found the Against the Stream Meditation Center in Venice, California, as a distinct “American Buddhist lineage.” Against the Stream, which describes itself as having been founded “on antisexist and antiracist principles” became known for its use of punk imagery, and it has played a significant role in the promotion of “woke” culture within American Buddhism via its courses on Whiteness, White privilege, and racism.
Unfortunately for Levine, and despite his anti-sexism classes, allegations emerged in late 2019 that Levine had been sexually assaulting female followers, prompting the organization to expel him. Other Buddhist organizations have distanced themselves from him and revoked his teaching certifications. Enraged, Levine let the cat out of the bag when he complained that his father and colleagues “Kornfield, Ram Dass, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg” were essentially frauds anyway and that “these guys had no authorization to teach, they just gave it to themselves.” Or to put it another way, they simply invented their own religion based on the promotion of passivity and the celebration of diversity, and called it Buddhism."
It's Peak Khazar to take over a religion and turn it into a big grift of anti-gentilism and financial/sexual abuse.
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