Monday, March 09, 2020


Gilead, profiting off a possible American biological attack, where have I heard that before?:  tweet (@muqingmq):
"US pharma company Gilead, which owns the most promising COVID-19 vaccine, is booming in "pandemic stock sales," preparing to sell it for $50-100/person, and in a legal battle to deny the Chinese gov access, because China would make the vaccine free and ship it to the global south…"
Tweet (Bernard E. Harcourt):
"What is wrong with us??? “Officials in NYC said they would close public schools only as last resort, in part because about 114,000 students in school system are homeless and may have nowhere else to get hot meals, medical care or even a place to wash their dirty laundry” @nytimes"
It is a real shame, goyim, that all the money of the richest country in the world, the richest country that has ever been, has to be spent of giving tax breaks to (((vulture fund managers))) and, of course, in fighting Wars For The Jews.

The most obvious misogynistic political campaign going, shockingly with the support of women who call themselves 'feminists': tweet (john milbank):
"This is an exceptionally clear-headed and insightful article. Surrender to the trans lobby by Labour betrays both socialism and feminism. This lobby threatens women and adolescents, sustains gender stereotypes and in in hock to corporate forces which see profit in disruption."
Tweet (Chris Plumley:
"UK's presently fighting in at least 7 US wars & all would be considered 'illegal' in the real world. Wilson was the last UK PM to deny US our cannon-fodder & tellingly MI5 did for him; then came Thatcher to re-established our subservience to the 'Great-Satan'"
The Euro-trash have decided that Europe is 'full': "Greek police shoot at refugees using live ammunition" (Kreickenbaum).  NATO (note the Bellingcat 'research'), and the Sultan, do not agree.

Today's going to be a big day, with all the conspiracies coming together!:  "Oil prices take biggest plunge in decades amid coronavirus uncertainty, price-war fears" (Rieger).
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