Sunday, March 15, 2020

Ice-floe strategy

Sorry about the interviewer - there is not enough ear and eye bleach in the world to fix the horror - but this JYT writer is really worth watching.

We've got this paradox going on where the less testing that is done, the better the authorities look (in the short run).

Boris' 'herd immunity' strategy is just the old ice-floe strategy - the mythological idea that the Inuit put their old 'useless eaters' on ice floes to drift away and die - applied to modern Britain.  Basically, do nothing, and let the elderly all perish.  This appears to be the Anglo-American strategy in a nutshell, but it is striking to see a major politician say it out loud, particularly when these old, brain-damaged individuals are the main reason conservatives ever win an election!

"People Who Recover from Coronavirus Could be Left with '20 to 30%' Less Lung Function".

"OPCW Scandal Reaches New Height of Farce With Latest Whistleblower Allegations Over Smeared Douma Officers" (Jay).  Gotta keep those NATO grift dollars rolling in.

The entire world-wide Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex collapses without Chinese-made raw materials.  "Opinion: Moving Our Pharmaceutical Factories Overseas Was A Huge Mistake" (Webb).  "Make America Autarkic Again" (Upton).  Puts the whole Assholian fulminating against China into perspective.

The (((lawfare specialists))) are always slipping in new little nuances of language which will no doubt pop up again in the future with more bite:  "The Kushner Apartheid is Hardly the First Attempt to Erase the Palestinians" (Wadi).  "Non-Israeli residents".

"Chile: Notes from a Revolt" (Dorfman).  He seems a bit guilty he didn't stay to get martyred.
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