Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Immediate public executions

"Ghislaine Maxwell, citing death threats and extensive legal fees, sues Jeffrey Epstein's estate" (Hill).

"At Least We Can Still Can Count on Bret Stephens to Defend Woody Allen" (Harris).

"Medical company threatens to sue volunteers that 3D-printed valves for life-saving coronavirus treatments" (Peters).  During theses virus times we need the standard war-time laws about profiteering, ending in summary trials for the corporate executives involved, and immediate public executions.

The CIA is starting to treat the truth about the origins of the virus as a threat:  "China’s coronavirus propaganda campaign is putting lives at risk" (Rogin). 

"Sheldon Adelson keeps casinos open despite coronavirus danger" (Weir).

"Freedom Rider: COVID-19 Covers Up War and Financial Collapse" (Kimberley).  There's a serious legitimacy crisis in the offing if the American bumbling leads to a health care crisis, especially when Americans can see the successful efforts of other countries, particularly China.

Tweet (Liv):
"this is already aging excellently"
Tweet (Richard M. Nixon; a serious parody account):
"Jared Kushner is the sort of little bastard I've fought all my life. Born with a silver spoon, lazy, yet thinks he's a great man. If we live so long history will show Kushner thinking he's a great man got a lot of people killed."
"Timeline Of Trump Administration’s Response To Coronavirus".
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