Thursday, March 19, 2020

It makes me feel like I’m living in a farce

"Special Report: How Korea trounced U.S. in race to test people for coronavirus" (Globo-homo-Rothschild-o):  "It makes me feel like I’m living in a farce" and "This process has not gone as smoothly as we would have liked." and "I don’t know how we messed this up so badly".

"Boeing Crashes: $43 Billion in Share Buybacks Turn into Existential Threat" (Richter):
"This mad scramble for cash and the existential urge to “preserve cash in challenging periods” comes after this master of financial engineering – instead of aircraft engineering – blew, wasted, and incinerated $43.4 billion on buying back its own shares, from June 2013 until the financial consequences of the two 737 MAX crashes finally forced the company to end the practice. That $43.3 billion would come in really handy right now . . . ."
From farce to train-wreck to the most horrible result of all, 'John McCain', Assholia today!:  "A Tale of Two Foreign Policies: The Train-Wreck Abroad Is Bipartisan" (Giraldi):
"So, we have a president in place who takes foreign policy personally in that his first thoughts are “how does it make me look?” and a prospective challenger who appears to be suffering from initial stages of dementia and who has always been relied upon to support the establishment line, whatever it might be. Though Trump is the more dangerous of the two as he is both unpredictable and irrational, the likelihood is that Biden will be guided by the Clintons and Obamas. To put it another way, no matter who is president the likelihood that the United States will change direction to get away from its interventionism and bullying on a global scale is virtually nonexistent. At least until the money runs out. Or to express it as a friend of mine does, “No matter who is elected we Americans wind up getting John McCain.” Goodnight America!"
Tweet (Whitney Webb) (just following the head office in Tel Aviv):
"Government clearly has a separate agenda here. 
Use tests to determine who has the virus, you don't need to mass spy on and hoard all data illegally to determine who has the damn thing. 
Huge power grabs are underway."
This is horrible, even from what is widely regarded as the world's worst newspaper:  "Opinion: Places of worship need immediate government support, too" (Speer/Dijkema).  These are extreme right-wing professional stinktankers connected to Harper.  Organized religion has been one of the main factors in rapidly spreading the virus, and should be punished appropriately.

"Rage and Bloodshed Ahead: Democrat Betrayals and the Coming National Labor Movement" (Flores).  Due to all the pharmaceutical deadeners, bitter resignation seems to have completely replaced rage, even as everybody watches governments use the pandemic as an opportunity to increase the scope of the Panopticon and further enrich the 1%.

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