Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Luckily, not a real problem

The deep nature of the US, and why I call it Assholia, is really coming out:  "What coronavirus revealed about national mindsets across the world — and how Cuba came out on top" (Twaij).  Also:  "How Cuba is Leading the World in the Fight Against Coronavirus" (MacLeod).

Assholians are all assholes, and their 'leaders' are literally devils:  "US Imposes New Iran Sanctions, Complicating Coronavirus" (Ditz) and "U.S. sanctions Iran, seeks release of Americans amid coronavirus outbreak" (Globo-homo-Rothschild-o).  The Khazars, down to the last demon, are all cackling with glee.

"'Who gets the ventilator?' Doctors say we need to decide now who gets care if COVID-19 overwhelms ICUs" (Kirkey).  Luckily, at least according to the Truthers, this is not a real problem.

"Russia feeding coronavirus disinformation to sow panic in West, EU document says" (Globo-homo-Rothschild-o).

Thank your local Khazar!:  "The UK’s Part-Time Prime Minister" (Surin).  G-d only knows the tragedy that would have ensued had a non-psychopath became PM!  Luckily, at least according to the Truthers, this is not a real problem.

Why are so many celebs and athletes coming up positive?  Because they are being tested!  Jumping the queue in fact.  The Assholian government needs to keep the amount of testing down, in part because the large number of positives across the country would indicate that the Pentagon sprung a leak in its bioweapons testing, intentionally or not, and that this mass infection has been going on for some time (with all the excess deaths blamed on 'the flu').  The other reason is that the third-world American health care system simply can't deal with the issue, so there is a need to pretend it doesn't exist.  Luckily, at least according to the Truthers (people whose beliefs always remarkably coincide exactly with what Big Business wants people to believe), this is not a real problem.
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