Friday, March 13, 2020

Nativist 'science'

Tweet (Wendell Pierce):
"The absolute incompetence and irresponsibility of a European Travel Ban that allows Americans to travel but not European citizens is the height of ignorance and xenophobia."
It's Bannon + pseudo-science + globalism (keep the products and people moving): "Inside the Oval Office, a Fierce Fight Over Trump’s Virus Speech" (Jacobs/Wadhams/Mohsin/Wingrove) (oddly playing down the critical role of President Jared).  Bannonism comes in via Miller, with the view that furriners have cooties and are Treif, thus the need to close the borders against them.  On the other hand, the globalists don't want to damage the stock markets.  The bizarre compromise is to let in all Americans from Europe, without any kind of quarantine, self or otherwise, or any kind of testing (what you don't know can't hurt you!), and exclude all Europeans.  Of course, the American passport isn't the criterion the virus picks for infection, so this makes no sense, but fits nicely into the current American nationalism.
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