Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Natural experiments

"We’ve Met the Enemy and It’s a Tiny Virus" (Lindorff).  This is the most anti-Semitic virus imaginable, as, by removing air cover from the potential Assholian War For The Jews equation, it has temporarily completely blocked any possibility of WWIII.  It is worth bearing this in mind when we see people getting excited about ongoing (((neocon))) plans for a war on Iran.  The Assholes are physically incapable of it.  Of course, they still have planes at bases on the ground, but the entire Assholian military must be riddled with infection.  Both ships and military bases are the opposite of social distancing, powerful virus incubators.

"Trump’s Chernobyl Moment: the US May Lose Its Status as World Superpower and Not Recover" (Cockburn):
"US failure goes far beyond Trump’s toxic political style: American supremacy in the world since the Second World War has been rooted in its unique capacity to get things done internationally by persuasion or by the threat or use of force. But the inability of Washington to respond adequately to Covid-19 shows that this is no longer the case and crystallises a perception that American competence is vanishing. The change in attitude is important because superpowers, such as the British Empire, the Soviet Union in the recent past or the US today, depend on a degree of bluff. They cannot afford to put their all-powerful image to the test too often because they cannot be seen to fail: an exaggerated picture of British strength was shattered by the Suez Crisis in 1956, as was that of the Soviet Union by the war in Afghanistan in the 1980s.
The coronavirus crisis is the equivalent of Suez and Afghanistan for Trump’s America. Indeed, these crises seem minor compared to the Covid-19 pandemic, which will have far greater impact because everybody on the planet is a potential victim and feels threatened. Faced with such a mega-crisis, the failure of the Trump administration to lead responsibly is proving extraordinarily destructive to the US position in the world."
"As Washington privatized pandemic preparation, the national security state left Americans defenseless against coronavirus" (Porter).  On the bright side, Assholians were able to use the money saved to fund an almost infinite number of Wars For The Jews, every one of which has been a splendid success.

"The Swedish Alternative: Coronavirus as a Grand Gamble" (Kampmark).  "Sweden's Approach To Coronavirus: Do Nothing" (Durden).  "COVID-19 in Germany: Explaining a Low Death Rate" (Klikauer).  Being one of the hot spots doesn't seem to be the time for excessive patting oneself on one's back:  "SITREP: What the Covid-19 Pandemic Has Already Changed in Switzerland – and what not" (Schaller).  ""Coincidence?" - Japanese Questioning Sudden Surge In Tokyo Infections Following Olympics Delay Decision" (Durden)!  "Brace Yourselves: The US Is Setting Up a Ghastly “Natural Experiment”" (NewDealDemocrat).  "Wrong path? Scientist questions Italy's coronavirus strategy".

The northern European counties that are gambling are assuming that their superior health care systems will be able to weather the storm.  It's quite the gamble.  On the bright side, if they are wrong, the fury of the people just might dislodge some of the worst of the Euro-trash, who are otherwise set up as permanent dictators.

"Inside Israel's ultra-Orthodox Coronavirus Hot Spots – Where Even the Mayor Is Sick" (Pfeffer).  Concentration camps, or at least locking the ghetto doors, for the ultra-religious (where did they get ideas like that?):  "Virus Soars Among Ultra-Orthodox Jews as Many Flout Israel’s Rules" (Halbfinger).  "Arrest Warrant Issued For Florida Pastor Who Defied Order To Suspend Church Service" (Durden).  "Rodney Howard-Browne, Megachurch Pastor Who Flouted Virus Rules, Arrested" (Sommer/Connor) - they are safe as they have 'machines'!  "Brazilian pews become trenches in fight against quarantine" (Jeantet).

One would hope that righteous fury at the selfishness of various religious grifters,  and their role in mass killings due to the pandemic, might lead to some long term changes, including heavy, heavy taxation of their properties.

"The Flu vs. Coronavirus II" ('Hunter Wallace').  This seems fairly straightforward, yet I'm still seeing complete denialism from many of the usually sane conspiracy sites.  The sad thing is that the tin foil hats are covering up many extremely important conspiracies that are actually happening.

"Retailers Prepare For Civil Unrest; Boarded-Up Stores Seen From SoHo To Beverly Hills" (Durden).  Probably the most accurate prediction of future problems.

"Trump tiptoeing toward energy market management" (Bhadrakumar).  Something's got to give here - Assholia is too exposed, at exactly the worst possible time, to a huge economic shock, one big enough to instantly undo all the trillions being handed to the banksters.  Putin's long game is probably the US in OPEC in return for side-deal security understandings - no WWIII, back off on the War For The Jews in Syria, stop being jerks in misusing the hapless Ukrainians, etc - from the Assholes (not that you can trust a country so riddled with MEGA Group blackmail operations, whose political class literally has no choice but to follow an extreme Zionist imperialist path).

"Virginia Goes Zionist" (Giraldi) (I really think (((they))) get away with so much because it is literally mind-boggling, one of the advantages of chutzpah):
"A particularly egregious and also unique example of a state’s economic policies being manipulated by a dedicated Israeli fifth column in government is the Virginia Israel Advisory Board. Grant Smith, long a critic of the VIAB, heads the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRMEP). He has written a new book entitled The Israel Lobby Enters State Government: Rise of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board, which documents in considerable detail how the conspiracy by powerful Jews in Virginia to benefit Israel has actually operated, much of it secretly through special arrangements and deals. He has also had a long interview with Scott Horton of Antiwar.com regarding the book which is well worth listening to.
The VIAB is unique because it is actually part of the Virginia state government. It is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia and is able to access funds from other government agencies to support Israeli businesses. It is staffed by Israelis and American Jews drawn from what has been described as the “Israel advocacy ecosystem” and is self-administered, appointing its own members and officers. While there are many Israel business promotion entities active in the United States, only Virginia has such a group actually sitting within the government itself, ready to make secret preferential agreements, to arrange special concessions on taxes and to establish start-up subsidies for Israeli businesses. Israeli business projects have been, as a result, regularly funded using Virginia state resources with little accountability. Bear in mind that this agency exists not to promote Virginia businesses but rather to give an advantage to Israeli businesses, some of which might even be competing with existing Virginia companies and putting local people out of work."
"Joe Biden Now Hosting a Health Podcast" (Anglin).  With a collection of entertaining tweets.

This is astonishingly intelligent, even more so when found in CounterPunch:  "What’s Wrong with Ranked Choice Voting" (Kuzminski).  Note that the complete fuzziness of results, and the fact there is no way to correlate a vote with an outcome, is considered by the 'experts' to be a feature, not a bug.

"Open Letter to Chinese Government Highlights MSM Hypocrisy" (Lazare):
"But the letter would have been a lot more convincing if the three papers had spoken up on Mar. 2 when the Trump administration moved to expel sixty Chinese journalists working for five news organizations that the White House regards as little more than state propaganda outfits. 
Moreover, they’d be on even firmer footing if they had not actively cheered on the most dangerous anti-media effort of all, the U.S. crackdown on the TV news service RT, formerly known as Russia Today, that began in November 2017."
It's this sort of thing - well, besides the fact they cannot stop lying - that leads 'journalists' to be the most despised group in society.
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