Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Out on a limb

Tweet (Helen Branswell):
"Amazing! What South Korea is doing is really bending their #Covid19 epidemic curve. Only 131 new cases today, versus 909 on Feb. 29. It's not just China. This clearly can be done."
So, maybe the prospect of hope for sane, intelligently-run countries who care about their populations (those countries obviously don't include the US, which still seems to be figuring out how to maximize the profits to be made from the virus for their 1%).

Tweet (Rush Doshi) (note the typical asshole Asshole asshole responses!):
"China is emerging as a global public goods provider as the US proves unable and unwilling to lead.

This is an important development, and if the trend continues, it’s one with potentially serious consequences for the US role in the world."
Btw, if Sanctions For The Jews are hindering the efforts of Iran to fight the virus, which they are, wouldn't it be in the interests of Assholians to have their politicians forego a few bags of shekels just long enough to allow necessary medical supplies through?  Just asking.

Is the proper word 'ironic' to describe the fact that the big Assholian hot spot is (((New Rochelle)))?  Remember, it is the (((same people))) who cause problems with a general refusal to be vaccinated, and you are an 'anti-Semite' if you notice.

There's been a 100% blockade from the (((media))) on discussing racial aspects of the victims - that would be racissssssss - which, of course, has backfired so that everybody now assumes all Chinese people are lethal (with Chinatown businesses all deserted), but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the victims in (((New Rochelle))) aren't Chinese.

"US now openly admits its goal in Syria is to make it 'difficult' for Moscow and Damascus to defeat terrorists" (Malic):
"Jeffrey and Satterfield openly admit that an outright Syrian victory over these terrorists would deny the “international community” – as they style the US and its allies – the leverage to insist on regime change in Damascus. Which is incredibly rich in irony given that the sole legal pretext on which the US has any troops in Syria, in open violation of international law, is a congressional authorization to use force against... Al-Qaeda."
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