Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Plus ça change

"American students must serve like Israeli soldiers on their campuses against BDS — Steny Hoyer" (Weiss).  "MAGA congressman wants Trump administration to kill ‘anti-American and pro-BDS’ Arizona Mideast studies program" (Arria).

"Liberal MP in self-isolation over COVID-19 fears after attending Washington D.C. conference" (Simpson).  If you struggle through to the third paragraph you can find out which (((conference))) (((he))) attended.

Plus ça change:  "Leather-Jacketed Coke-Snorting Jews in the Soviet Secret Police Torturing, Raping and Killing Gentiles: The Evidence" (Nemmersdorf).  "‘I remember the knee in the crosshairs, bursting open’ – Israeli snipers boast of shooting ‘ducks’ in Gaza" (Ofir).

Jack must have promised (((Singer))) a lot more censorship, lest the goyim know.

"Trial Of Alleged "Vault 7" CIA Leaker Ends In Hung Jury" (Durden). Quick thoughts:
  1. another cross-agency posting leads to disaster for the second agency (the CIA and the NSA don't like each other);
  2. this looks like jury nullification, as it seems it was one juror who hung the jury, but having said that, the case seems remarkably weak, and he may have been framed to cover up for embarrassing CIA security lapses, the one thing you'd think they might get right;
  3. don't worry about the porn, they always 'find' porn when they go after someone.
 "Turbulence Rising" (Shamir):
"The human rights charter and the UN declarations regarding refugees were created in different times, when human mobility was still quite low comparing with our days. You could not expect tens of thousands of Afghans and Somalis to march on Europe, or tens of thousands of Latin Americans marching on the US. These are not refugees; these are poor people in search for a better lot. They overload the facilities of the North, and will eventually cause their collapse. One of the reasons why the neoliberal think tanks approve of the migration is that they correctly estimate that is the best device to destroy the Welfare State, the great achievement of Social Democracy they hate."
"Prince Andrew Has Hired A Lawyer And A Crisis Management Specialist To Prevent The FBI From Questioning Him About Jeffrey Epstein" (Kristian).  He's thrown out the last pretense that he is a Royal, and thus, somehow, honorable.  I'm quite convinced that Epstein is just the tip of the perv iceberg for him, thus the need to shut down all investigation.

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