Thursday, March 12, 2020

Public-Health Expert

""we will be violent to the kuffar. Like in Syria.” Tayyip Erdogan" (Lang):  "The kuffar are we, his NATO allies."

"PEPE ESCOBAR: How Black Swans Are Shaping Planet Panic".  I don't know that you can blame Putin for this, as all Russia did was decline the Saudi offer of using the expanded cartel to restrict supply.  It was the insulted MbS who decided to fully turn on the taps, and thus MbS who can really be blamed for the coming apocalypse of the American fracking industry, and thus the American banking system.  All these issues have been buried in virus panic, but you have to wonder if this betrayal by MbS, coupled with his arrest of the big CIA asset princeling, will have repercussions in the CIA arranging for the coming Saudi coup.

"Julian in the Dock" (Shamir) (you have to wonder if she is even a judge):
"The Court is designed with no other purpose than to exclude the public, on an island accessible only through navigating a maze of dual carriageways, the entire location and architecture of the building is predicated on preventing public access. It is in truth just the sentencing wing of Belmarsh prison.
The judge, the Magistrate (or District Judge) Vanessa Baraitser is a modern version of the Hanging Judge George Jeffreys, a female Judge Dredd. She is the chief villain by all descriptions of the trial, not just tolerating but exceeding the demands of the prosecution. The lawyers acting for the prosecution did request some niceties if only for the trial to appear fair. Baraitser had no such pretensions. She went straight for the jugular. If she could, she would hang Assange right away.
This Jewish lady is surrounded by mystery: she has left no trace upon the Internet. A newly born child has more Internet presence than this middle-aged woman. I doubt such a blank slate could be achieved nowadays without the active assistance of the Secret Services.
Ambassador Murray writes: “Ms Baraitser is not fond of photography – she appears to be the only public figure in Western Europe with no photo on the internet. Indeed the average proprietor of a rural car wash has left more evidence of their existence and life history on the Internet than Vanessa Baraitser. Which is no crime on her part, but I suspect the expunging is not achieved without considerable effort. Somebody suggested to me she might be a hologram, but I think not. Holograms have more empathy.”
John Pilger saw Baraitser in action during the previous round of Assange hearings in October 2019. He wrote: “I have sat in many courtrooms and seen judges abuse their positions. This judge, Vanessa Baraitser shocked all of us who were there. Her face was a progression of sneers and imperious indifference; she addressed Julian with cruel arrogance. When Assange spoke, Baraitser contrived boredom; when the prosecuting barrister spoke, she was attentive. When Julian’s barrister described the CIA spying on him, she didn’t yawn, but her disinterest was as expressive. Her knee in the groin was to announce that the next court hearing would be at remote Woolwich, which adjoins Belmarsh Prison and has few seats for the public. This will ensure isolation and be as close to a secret trial as it’s possible to get.”
It turned out to be practically a secret trial. There were MSM journalists, but “not a single one of the most important facts and arguments today has been reported anywhere in the mainstream media.”"
"Did Joe Biden's Former IT Guy Masquerade as Guccifer 2.0? by Larry C Johnson".  If the Russians buried his name in there as some kind of inside joke, it was an odd Easter egg to pick.

A very detailed response, including a very long list of every dirty trick in the book, to the OPCW's very sloppy attempt at ass covering after the revelations of the whistle blowers:  "Update on the OPCW’s investigation of the Douma incident(McKeigue/Miller/Robinson).

"US Nukes Reportedly Delivered To Poland" (Renny).  "Anger, confusion in Europe as Trump issues coronavirus travel ban".  "Trump’s travel ban sidesteps his own European resorts" (Heath).  "Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller Wrote Trump’s Coronavirus Speech That’s Tanking Markets and Spreading Falsehoods and Fear" (Badash).  "Trump Waiting on Public-Health Expert Jared Kushner Before Deciding on Coronavirus Emergency: Report" (Stieb).  Americans sure are lucky to have their very lives in the capable hands of a true Renaissance Man - public-health expert/Middle East diplomacy genius/slumlord - like President Jared.
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