Thursday, March 26, 2020

Putatively progressive

"Fine Print of Stimulus Bill Contains Special Deals for Industries" (Lipton/Vogel):
"Meanwhile, the provision inserted by Democrats to block the families of government officials from receiving certain assistance might not exempt the companies owned by the family of Mr. Kushner.
While the provision expressly bars such funds from going to companies controlled by “the spouse, child, son-in-law or daughter-in-law” of the president and other officials, in order for the prohibition to kick in, the person in question would have to “directly or indirectly” own or control 20 percent or more of a company. Mr. Kushner rarely owns that much in his family firm’s various real estate projects, according to a person familiar with the family’s business arrangements. The ownership is usually divided between Mr. Kushner, his three siblings, his two parents and various outside investors.
Mr. Kushner’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment."
What a shock, the no-government-cheese-for-Javanka clause doesn't work!

"‘This is a massive scandal’: Trump FDA grants drug company exclusive claim on promising coronavirus drug" (Conley).  Gilead, ready to profit after each conspiracy.  But:  "Public Pressure Works: Gilead Asks FDA To Rescind Orphan Drugs Designation For Possible COVID-19 Treatment" (Masnick).

"The FBI and Jewish Organizations Invent Anti-White Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory" (Striker) (the cough-on-a-Jew fantasy):
"There is no evidence that this is happening or ever has happened. It is baseless blood libel against white people intended to hide the failures of these demagogues in the midst of a crisis. The hate crimes against random Asians in the US so far appear to be committed largely by blacks.

Jewish people have been spreading coronavirus among themselves due to their poor hygiene, penchant for international travel, and refusal to follow prescriptions on social distancing. In New Jersey, Jews were arrested in two separate instances for hosting weddings in defiance of temporary laws against large social gatherings. One of the earliest reported contagion ground zeroes in America was a Shabbat dinner. Among the biggest hot spots are Kiryas Joel, New Rochelle, Williamsburg, and various other parts of the northeast with massive Jewish populations. 
As for the “intelligence community,” coronavirus is slated to go down as one of the biggest intelligence failures in American history. The Trump administration’s colossal waste of federal resources on the politically motivated hoaxes of “anti-Semitism and “white supremacy” means that the state had better and more accurate information about the latest 4Chan gags than the highly contagious virus."
"A Few Recent Political Developments Which Should Not Go Unnoticed" (The Saker):
"I have forced myself to listen to the daily COVID19 briefings from the White House and I have to say that Trump’s constant flag-waving and self-worshiping is almost physically painful to watch. The worst parts of these briefings are when Trump, or Pompeo, speak about the US “leadership” as if the entire planet was desperately expecting the US to help. It does not. In fact, most of the planet is disgusted by US action, be it the denial of vitally needed meds to countries like Iran or Venezuela, to the attempts are buying off German vaccines, to the mantric repetition about how great the US private sector is and how Amazon and Walmart will help us weather this crisis.
The truth is that this worldwide pandemic will allow us all to compare how different political systems, countries and cultures have reacted to the threat. In a year or so, we shall all know how free-market capitalism and libertarianism compared with social-democracies, socialist and even communist countries when their population needed protection and assistance.
True, other countries have responded with truly amazing incompetence (including several EU countries), so the inability to protect its citizens is not a purely US problem, it really affects all the countries currently subjugated by the Empire. 
Finally, it appears that the China-bashing strategic PSYOP has largely failed. Most fake-news about China was quickly and rapidly debunked, and even the legacy corporate ziomedia could not completely obfuscate the fact that China is, so far, the only country on our planet which defeated COVID19."
"The Coronavirus, Fear, and Poverty" (Shamir). There's a lot of this kind of 'debunking' going around, a lot of writers staking their ongoing credibility - as this is a huge, defining issue to be wrong about - on the virus being a nothingburger that has been drummed up, with various authoritarian restrictions on freedom, to control the sheeple.  I guess we'll see.  Countries like Sweden are really throwing the dice.

And Brazil:  "Worms Feed on Corpses" (Zero).

There are a lot of red flags in here to suggest that this is more of a cover-up:  "Japan’s winning its quiet fight against Covid-19" (Adelstein).

"An interactive visualization of the exponential spread of COVID-19".  The US. led by New York, has a very unwholesome line, even worse than Iran.

"Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say?" (Bendavid/Bhattacharya).  Problems caused by the tests only being given to those who are already experiencing symptoms, a subset of the general problem of massively insufficient testing (caused by a combination of criminal unpreparedness and politicians not wanting the public to see how bad things are on their watch).

Tweet (Stuck Inside of Mobile w/ the Memphis Blues again):
"South Korea. "86% of coronavirus fatalities had chronic high blood pressure, diabetes: data.""
"Missing Ex-FBI Agent Robert Levinson Declared Dead By Family" (Durden).  The timing of the announcement is to block those calling for lifting of sanctions.

"“Forced labor” stories on China brought to you by US government, NATO and arms industry to drive Cold War PR blitz" (Singh).  Let's all cheer for "putatively progressive news outlets"!

Btw, I'm hearing a new round of obscene whining from the (((media))) that they are all going to go out of business unless they are gifted piles of money (see, BuzzKill).  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Ho ho ho ho ho!  If (((they))) just did their jobs - just once, to prove (((they))) can stop lying, if only for a second! - (((they)))'d get a lot more sympathy.

"How a network of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists penetrated Canada’s Conservative Party to lobby for military conflict" (Robeson).
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