Friday, March 27, 2020

Risk stratification

'Risk stratification':  "Googly-Eyed Wop Cuomo Backtracks on Lunatic City Lockdown" (Anglin).

"Why is the U.S. so Exceptionally Vulnerable to Covid-19?" (Davies).  Many reasons, many ways of putting it, but it all boils down to a country filled to the brim with assholes.

Institutional Democrat #metoo corruption is the best thing ever!:  "New Allegations Surface" (MetaFilter).  Note that even this report is polluted with the ubiquitous PDS.

Tweet (Ben Norton) (very good friends, as the truth oozes out):
"The media portrays billionaire oligarch Bill Gates as a noble "philanthropist"—while he's trying to privatize global public health infrastructure and make it a for-profit scheme run by corporations
And don't forget he was good friends with Jeffrey Epstein"
The problem with universal masking is that it doesn't provide the protection people think it does, so they get even more sloppy with the interpersonal contact. Perhaps just mask the olds.

"Recognizing and Resisting the “Hasbara Pandemic”" (Sepahpour-Ulrich):
"But it was not just the timing that was odd. It was the orange prison uniform. Orange prison uniform is easy to process for Americans, and the West. Images of prisoners wearing orange jumpsuit in Guantanamo is embedded in our minds. More disturbing still are the images of prisoners captured by ISIS and wearing orange jump suits as they are being executed. I always wondered where did ISIS get all the orange jump suits their prisoner wore. But that is beside the point. In Iran, prisoners do not wear orange. The uniforms are different shades of blue depending on their status. Ordinary prisoners wear the striped while political prisoners the plain blue uniforms.

Aside from the wrong color uniform, I was struck by Levinson’s appearance as portrayed in Western media. It was hard to process the tanned face which contrasted so sharply with his pale hands. It didn’t make sense. It is not clear to me as to why America would choose this moment to stage this death. I can only imagine that it is to present an image of a ruthless Iran in order to justify its terrorism by way of sanctions at a time when Iran, like the rest of the world, is fighting this pandemic. But even the lies will not hide the shameless stain of America’s cruel madness. Hence, we must resist and fight the propaganda.

For decades, we have been victims of propaganda to the point that we are no longer aware of it. In spite of it, we have not managed to build an immunity to the lies. Quite the opposite — we have become more vulnerable as our resistance erodes with every shot of hasbara. But we are not broken – not yet. It can only affect us if left undetected. Like COVID-19, the hasbara virus goes undetected until it’s tested for and discovered. We must therefore learn to test for, detect, and reject it. We can do this by refusing to abandon our critical thinking. Pleasant or not, we cannot allow our underlying bias guide us and use commonsense. Don’t let the hasbara virus infect you — it is deadlier than you can imagine."
"US State Dept accuses China of putting conditions on Covid-19 aid, cites media when pressed on proof".  "Trump pledges cooperation with China's Xi after phone call" (Chalfant).

"Who’s behind the COVID-19 global pandemic" (Barrett).
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