Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Sanity is so rare

 it is striking when it occurs (look for this to be reversed as soon as new reminders of MEGA Group blackmail possibilities are delivered):  "US scraps plans to buy Israeli Iron Dome missile systems".  This is the system the US was supposed to 'buy', even though:
  1. it clearly and repeatedly doesn't work; and
  2. the US has already fully paid for it.
"Jews and Vulture Capitalism: A Reprise, Part 2" (Connelly). This is the most important stuff for a politically literate American to understand.

"Either We Destroy the Republican Party or It Will Destroy Us" (Striker).

"Obama National Security Officials Susan Rice, James Comey, John Brennan Back Joe Biden" (Wong).

Forensic Architecture is part of the scam:  "Douma Incident and Forensic Architecture – The Emails" (Watson).

"Shia militias now a greater threat than ISIS in the Middle East, says Canadian commander" (Brewster).  Ha ha ha ha ha!

"Democrats and Their Media Allies Impugned Biden’s Cognitive Fitness. Now They Feign Outrage." (Greenwald).

"Propaganda and the Coronavirus" (Van Buren) or "Netanyahu devastates Israeli Tourism with universal Quarantine to Avoid highlighting Trump Covid-19 Failures" (Cole).

'Langley' lives up to his name by reblogging lots of crap:  "Millions of Homeless Syrian Refugees are Suffering Because of Russo-Turkish Rivalry" (Beaujouan/Rasheed).  Blaming the Russians?!  For more similar CIA-CRAP see here and here.  'Langley' really ought to be ashamed of himself.

"Syrian Christian Village Awaits the End of Al Qaeda’s Occupation of Idlib" (Sahiounie).

"Fire destroys most voting machines in Venezuela's main elections warehouse".  "Venezuela: Nearly 50,000 Voting Machines Burnt in ‘Terrorist Attack’" (Dobson).  You have to assume this is to prepare to impugn the results of the upcoming election should the Americans not like them.

"Syrian army uncovers White Helmets chemical weapons factory in Western Aleppo".

"Old Ideas in New Bottles" (Giraldi).  Stinktanks are like euphemisms, they have to keep coming up with new ones to hide the stench associated with the bad advice of the old ones.  You have to love that they describe the bias in advance:
"And the Quincy President Andrew Bacevich has clearly indicated that there will be red lines, that the institute won’t focus on “highlighting pro-Israel organizations or donors.” In other words, it will not criticize Israel or its Lobby as a driving element in America’s interventionist foreign policy. He elaborated “Our purpose is to promote restraint as a central principle of U.S. foreign policy—fewer wars and more effective diplomatic engagement.” In recent articles on the Middle East and the upcoming national election, Bacevich has been as good as his word, citing an enemies list that includes Russia, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia while deliberately avoiding any mention of Israel, the country that more than any other interferes in U.S. politics."
Parsi and Lobe, who say inconvenient things, have been bought off (reminds me of the plan behind The Intercept).
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