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"America Is a Sham" (Kois) (just Small Annoying Bans For The Jews, part of the War On 'Terror' For The Jews, which of course is the PR basis of all the Wars For The Jews, while America's best ally is al-Qaeda (!) - enjoying the luxury of hosting parasitic Khazars, goyim?):
"The Transportation Security Administration announced Friday that due to the coronavirus outbreak, they’re waiving the familiar four-ounce limit for liquids and gels—for hand sanitizer only. You may now bring a bottle of Purell as large as 12 ounces onto the plane to assist in your constant sanitizing of yourself, your family, your seat, your bag of peanuts, and everything else. All other liquids and gels, however, are still restricted to four ounces."
"The TSA can declare this rule change because the limit was always arbitrary, just one of the countless rituals of security theater to which air passengers are subjected every day. Flights are no more dangerous today, with the hand sanitizer, than yesterday, and if the TSA allowed you to bring 12 ounces of shampoo on a flight tomorrow, flights would be no more dangerous then. The limit was bullshit. The ease with which the TSA can toss it aside makes that clear.
All over America, the coronavirus is revealing, or at least reminding us, just how much of contemporary American life is bullshit, with power structures built on punishment and fear as opposed to our best interest. Whenever the government or a corporation benevolently withdraws some punitive threat because of the coronavirus, it’s a signal that there was never any good reason for that threat to exist in the first place."
When I write 'For The Jews', it is not just an old joke.  These annoying restrictions are literally in place as part of the PR drive to force people to accept Wars For The Jews, all for the sole purpose to allow Khazars to kill people and steal their land.  Think on that!

Meanwhile, the Khazars use the virus to take the National Security State to its logical conclusion, turning it against themselves:  "Israel to use 'anti-terror' technology to counter coronavirus".  Tweet (David Sheen):
"Netanyahu's "Shock Doctrine": taking advantage of Corona to kill off the few fragments of democracy left, authorizing spying on citizens' phones and shutting down the courts, including his impending corruption trial. All this while there is no parliament or protests of >10 people"
Of course, farm animals don't enter into the equation (but just watch them use imaginary fear of infection as a method of further repression):  "‘NYT’ practices journalistic apartheid in reporting on coronavirus in Israel and Palestine" (North).  "Netanyahu says ‘all humanity is in same boat’ fighting virus – except Palestinians" (Ofir).

Again, 47 talks some sense into 45: "Tucker Carlson Does It Again: Drives To Mar-A-Lago To Talk Trump Into Taking Coronavirus Seriously" (Sailer).

Never going to happen:  "Release People From Jail to Prevent a Coronavirus Catastrophe Behind Bars" (Saldana/Komrade Z/Guyot).  They'd prefer to see all the prisoners dead.

A few simple steps on how to get tested for those living in the richest country in the world - thread by Dovey 以德服人 Wan.

"Was Coronavirus a Biowarfare Attack Against China?" (Oldmicrobiologist) (read the whole thing):
"I recall the early years when the Department of Homeland Security was stood up and they got the lion’s share of poorly performing ciivil servants un-fireable under the then OPMA policies. I was brought in as a technical expert as we were in dire straits for funding so I (and others) was lent out as a research prostitute. This is a little known problem with civil service employees. They are impossible to eliminate and generally rise to levels where they can cause the most damage. However, an opportunity arose whereby agencies in the Federal government had to contribute bodies to the new Department of Homeland Security (as no new vacancies were created when the agency was stood up meaning everyone had to sacrifice personnel) so most, if not all, employees sent to DHS were the worst of the worst. However, the DHS labs (specifically NBACC) also tied into some nefarious microbiologists working at the CIA (ostensibly part of DHS) and it is an understatement to say that what I saw being proposed horrified me. That work, I am certain was performed at Battle Memorial Institute in West Jefferson, Ohio under a DHS contract doing the work for the CIA under the auspices of NBACC. As I was very vocally opposed to this stuff I was removed from the secure access at DHS but not DoD to the offensive work which I had pointed out was not only illegal but unethical. I have since retired now more than 10 years and am far away from all of that. I won’t say more as they will reach out and seek retribution. But, if you look hard enough you can find still on the internet some references. There are some pissed off people out there should anyone care to actually do some leg work and try and figure this out. But, our news people no longer does this work so there is very little possibility of ever learning the truth."
China and Iran.  South Korea got hit by accident because of close connections to China.  I don't know how Italy ended up so severely hit.

"Washington Post hypes fake news on coronavirus ‘burial pits’ in Iran".  House organ of the CIA.

Even the JYT is noticing that the bipartisan attempts to pretend to care about Americans and the virus are bullshit:  "There’s a Giant Hole in Pelosi’s Coronavirus Bill":
"In fact, the bill guarantees sick leave only to about 20 percent of workers. Big employers like McDonald’s and Amazon are not required to provide any paid sick leave, while companies with fewer than 50 employees can seek hardship exemptions from the Trump administration.
“If you are sick, stay home,” Vice President Mike Pence said at a news conference on Saturday afternoon. “You’re not going to miss a pay check.”
But that’s simply not true. Sick workers should stay home, but there is no guarantee in the emergency legislation that most of them will get paid."
and (Endless Clarification):
"The bill does require some employers to provide full-time workers with up to 10 days of paid leave. But the requirement does not apply to the nation’s largest employers — companies with 500 or more workers, who together employ roughly 54 percent of all workers. 
After a Waffle House employee tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this month, the company refused to promise it would pay other sick workers to stay home. Now, under the new bill, it would qualify for the big-company exemption. Would Ms. Pelosi please explain why the House decided not to require Waffle House to protect its workers and customers by paying for sick leave?"
"Iraq's Resistance Reveals How U.S. Troops Will Be Removed From Its Country" (Moon).

"Putin Unleashes Strategic Hell on the U.S." (Luongo).

"The World Can't Forget the Fight for the Saudi Crown Amid Virus Panic" (Cockburn).  Good except for spewing the Assholian PR that it was Iran that attacked Saudi oil facilities.

The Irish are the most woke people in the world, and thus need to be dealt with in the (((usual manner, Sorositis))):  "Ireland: Investigative Journalists Uncover Plot by Zionists and University Officials to Bring "Antifa" Violence to Dublin" (Striker).
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