Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Rich Must Pay

"Putin Says 'The Rich Must Pay' for the Corona-Virus" (Whitney):
"What every American needs to know is that our crooked bought-and-paid-for Congress just passed a bill that transfers the credit risk for $4.5 trillion of corporate sludge onto the National Debt. A bailout of this magnitude could impact the nation’s credit rating (Fitch has already issued a warning), send interest rates to the moon, dampen economic activity for years to come, and pave the way for a long and painful slump. The much ballyhooed $1,200 checks for unemployed workers are merely a tactical diversion that’s being used to conceal the giant ripoff that is taking place right under our noses.
In contrast, Putin has settled on a more rational and compassionate plan. He’s going to launch a relief program that actually focuses on the people who need it the most. Then, he’s going to cover the costs by taxing the people who are most capable of shouldering the burden. His intention is not to “soak the rich” or to redistribute wealth. He simply wants to find the most equitable way to share the costs for this completely unexpected crisis."
"Italy Must Never Forget...Or Forgive" (Striker).  "The EU’s Betrayal of Italy May Be Its Undoing" (Giubilei) (though for some reason this suddenly turns into an attack on China).  The European - well, German - response to Italian pleas for help was extremely Clarifying.  Italy needs to flee the dangerous EU - and get out of NATO - as fast as possible.

Niqnaq collects tweets on the stinktank anti-China PR operation.

"Can COVID-19 Take Down NATO?" (Garrison interview of Gagnon).

Any such list that puts Assholia on top is simply hilarious, and everybody is going to know in a few weeks!:  "Global Pandemic Preparedness - Which Country Is The Most (And Least) Ready For COVID-19?" (Durden).

Tweet (Natalie Holme Elsberg):
"This article says some health insurance companies are betting they won’t lose money because COVID patients will be *unable to get medical care* even if they are sick with insurance. Unavailable healthcare = no bill for them. No, I am not making this up."
Spectacular record of failure in just a few weeks:  "How Mayor De Blasio Botched NYC's Response To COVID-19" (Durden).  See also here and here.

"What Went Wrong with the British Plan To Build Up "Herd Immunity"" (Sailer).  Insufficient ventilators.  That's no excuse - the Brits knew from the Chinese example that ventilators were going to be needed.

Clarifying:  "Coronavirus: All rough sleepers in England should be housed by weekend, government says" (Lovett).  It was simply impossible to shelter the homeless.  We'd love to - no money!  Suddenly the homeless are weaponized against the 1%/10% by the virus, and the money magically appears, and everybody is sheltered!  They can only cough on each other now.

"The Pandemic’s Toll on Federalism" (Madsen).  It is interesting how Cuomo, a terrible, terrible political hack by any standards, has managed to pull a 'Giuliani' - popping up in a crisis as the strong man in charge when everybody else is flailing around - thus putting him on the Biden-replacement list for Presidential nominee.

"Italy Coronavirus Deaths Pass 10,000: How Austerity and Anti-Immigrant Politics Created Europe’s Worst Crisis" (Hallinan).  One of the most amusing things is watching the globalists try to blame the problem on insufficient globalism!  Hey, if you just had more immigrants (carrying viruses), you'd still have the same number of deaths (or, probably, a lot more), but the rate of deaths would decrease due to the larger population!  This crisis is obviously a complete rebuke of globalism, but there is no way its proponents will lets the facts get in their way. I agree on the austerity issue, which is reducing spending on public goods in order for the 1% to pay less taxes.  We've seen an enormous number of examples of cuts to public programs which people now belatedly see as absolutely essential.  But at least Geffen has his yachts.

More Clarification - it appears the Khazars fear that they, and not 'Jews', have a particular propensity to catch the virus, and that fear is reflected in Israeli actions (this may explain why Gantz, who was literally just about to put Bibi down for good, caved):  "Jews Fear They’re Prone To Coronavirus—But Race-Denying Ruling Class Suppresses The Facts." (Welton).  Does the (((media))) not want Americans to know that Hymietown, the world's largest Khazar city, has a particular problem due to the failure of the Orthodox to socially distance even after they had been repeatedly warned?

"On Jews and Plagues" (Joyce):
"The question remaining is why some Jews were attacked and killed during the Black Death. Here, again, modern scholarship is reversing some of the received wisdoms of older Jewish historiography and casting doubt on some long-held assumptions. The German scholar Iris Ritzmann, for example, has argued that “there is no direct link between the massacres and the plague,” and has suggested that a much deeper undercurrent of socio-economic friction between Jews and Christians merely found expression during a time of heightened social anxiety. Ritzmann has gone as far as to argue that relations were so bad that massacres may have occurred even without the plague as a trigger event.[14] Mordechai Breuer concedes that “none of the traditional motifs” of religious anti-Semitism feature in the minutes of the interrogations of the Jews accused during the Black Death, adding “at most, they came up in connection with distant rumors about the matter.”[15] There were almost no attempts to convert the Jews, and Breuer further adds, quite contrary to some of his other assertions, that “the attackers had no intention whatever of forcing the Jews to change their faith and this was not the focus of what was happening.”

What, then, was happening?  
Again, in contrast to his overall conclusion and blanket accusations against the historical European masses, Breuer is forced to concede in the middle of his own study that “an analysis of what occurred during the days of the plague indicates that social, economic, and political factors were of much greater import in fanning the flame of antisemitism than is generally understood.” Most of the aggressors during the Black Death were craftsmen and artisans who had been lent money by Jews “at usurious rates of interest.”[16] These craftsmen, essentially the middle class of their day, resented the formation of a mercantile alliance between the aristocracy and the merchant class that exploited their labor and suppressed the prices of their goods. Moreover, underpinning this alliance was a system of Jewish loans that upset the natural order they were used to. Rather predictably, anti-Jewish violence was ruthlessly suppressed by urban elites everywhere because these elites were tightly connected to Jewish finance. Documents still survive from Cologne, Freiburg, Basel, Heilbronn, Strasbourg, and Erfurt showing that city councils interpreted all anti-Jewish actions as a more general attack upon the elite status quo. Breuer comments that “by the beginning of 1349 it was clear that a number of city councils wished to suppress the popular uprising from fear that the mobs might oust them.” The European “masses” described in Jewish historiography were in fact divided into factions, each with its own particular interests, and genuine adherence to “irrational” notions of well-poisoning was of minimal import. The bottom line was that Jews were regarded as having a negative effect on the social, economic, and political fabric of the nation, and not without cause.

One wonders if, decades or centuries from now, Jewish historians will lament the persistence of antisemitism by explaining that Europeans once “irrationally” blamed the Jews for COVID-19. As evidence, perhaps they’ll point to some excerpts from 8chan and argue that this was the belief of “the masses.” Here I’m employing a caricature of sorts, but one not totally detached from precedent. Many decades of Jewish effort have gone into pushing the idea that our ancestors were unsophisticated Borat-like brutes who subjected the Jews to countless irrational massacres. And, although modern scholarship is chipping at the edges of this edifice, new discoveries and arguments remain far from the mainstream. One persists in seeking immunity to the contrivances of Jews and plagues."
Fat Fuck/Wars For The Jews news: "Pushing for a third Iraq war - TTG".

Of course, with Trump preoccupied, we're seeing a sudden big increase in general American bellicosity.

"No, TYT, there is no Progressive Case for Imperialism- Part 1" (Esha).  Part 2.  Part 3.

"US ‘Narco-Terrorism’ Charges Against Maduro May Be Pretext for Panama-Style Invasion, Observer Warns".

"Rosneft Abruptly Exits Venezuela, Sells Assets To Russian State, Amid US Squeeze On Maduro" (Durden).  Looks like Putin protecting Rosneft from the Fat Fuck.

"Pompeo’s three sins in global virus fight: Global Times editorial".

"France, Czechs, & Other US Allies Exit Iraq Over COVID-19 Fears" (Durden).

No distracting crisis is wasted:  tweet (Cindy Blackstock) (also) (background) ((((Neil Bluhm)))):
"Holy Cow! In the middle of a pandemic, Trump's gov't decides to disestablish a Native American Indian reservation and take their land.  Disgraceful."
"Exposing the Bandera Lobby in the U.S." (Robeson).  See also, the Bandera summer camp!  A parallel to the Canadian example.
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