Saturday, March 21, 2020

Two months

Here's the thing, in a nutshell.  China's sacrifices, good governance, and diligence bought the Assholian government two months of prep time that China did not have, plus the entire virus-fighting template that works.  That two months was completely squandered while Trump, trying not to have the MEGA Group tapes of his pedo encounters released by Sheldon, obsessed with Iran, eventually ordering the completely illegal, and completely stupid, assassination of Soleimani.  Now, the entire administration is terrified that when the shit hits the fan, and hundreds of thousands of Americans needlessly die, they will justifiably be blamed for it, and the punishment for that would make public execution a blessed release.  I have never seen such an embarrassing example of butt protecting and graceless buck-passing onto the people and government that all Assholians should, by rights, be thanking ceaselessly for the rest of time, or at least until they die due to the incompetence and shekel-grasping of their government (btw, Sheldon finally agreed to shut his casinos to protect the worthless lives of the farm animals).

"Belligerent Alleged Cannibal Pompeo Whines About China" (Anglin). Note the posting at the end by Christopher Langan.

Tweet (David Fahrenthold):
"How did the US lose two months of preparation time? It wasn’t for lack of intelligence." 
He figured it out, just tragically late (note:  Khazars never cease being Khazars): "Trump Nixed Calls For Large-Scale Attack On Iranian Proxies, Citing Covid-19" (Durden).

Tweet (Tory Fibs) (the clowns can't get it right even with the Chinese protocols in front of them):
"Head of China’s Red Cross has just visited Milan, Italy. He was scathing about their version of a lockdown & said their shambles wasn’t fit to use the word lockdown. Harrowing news & amplifies much of the errors Boris Johnson is making in London"
"What We Know About the 70+ Coronavirus Cases Linked to Biogen’s Boston Meeting" (Fortier).  A crazed 'conspiracy theorist' might find this very suspicious.

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