Sunday, March 29, 2020


Tweet (Interviewer Aashutosh Kumar).  This one of the most exhilarating graphs I have ever seen.  The Assholes, given no chance due to their 'world class' health care system, and their 'first in the world' medical preparedness, and their general 'exceptionalism', not to mention the fact they have all the money and can print limitless amounts more, seem to be so, so far behind  Still, the Assholes, who by any rights should have given up hope, by dint of sheer pluck and doughtiness, and having their politicians encourage them to cough in each others faces in large social groups, persevered, only to pull way ahead in the end.  In a week or two they will have lapped the field.

What's even more impressive is that the Assholes still have enough energy in reserve to continue to fuck over the rest of the world, at an even accelerated rate!

Pro tip - it really helps the experience if you chant 'USA USA USA' while watching the graph.
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